How to wear a hit of the season - blue and all its shades?

Things of blue color could well lie in your wardrobe for years, envious of the demand for beige, olive and coral. But now blue suddenly found itself at the peak of popularity. That's because, as you know, it is chosen in the color of 2020. The shade is complex, deep and multifaceted. The question arises: how to use it, with what to combine so that it is stylish and appropriate?

Why is blue?

The color of 2018, for example, was ultraviolet, which means inspiration, creativity and space. In 2019, the trend was the shade of living coral, designed to remind people of unity with nature. The color of 2020 is classic blue (19-4052), which evokes a sense of permanence and confidence in the future. Here's what it looks like:

Pantone CEO Leatrice Eisman describes the company’s choice: “Nowadays, the need for faith and trust is becoming increasingly acute. And Pantone Classic Blue, a solid and reliable blue hue, gives us a feeling of confidence and consistency. ”

In the world now, everything is really not very reliable. Not that the color helped us deal with this, but, as we see, the trend is right.

In addition, blue is an eternal color. This is the same classic as black, white, red. When buying a thing of this shade, a person takes a step towards conscious consumption.

How is blue used on catwalks and streets?

Already at the end of last year, designers began to introduce classic blue into their collections. In order not to be bored, they interpreted it differently, turning it into blue, aquamarine, azure, muted blue, indigo, navy. But the essence of this has not changed. From a psychological point of view, tones could be seen in almost all famous brands.

Off Shoulder Dress With Pocket

Historically, blue is the color of kings, princesses, duchesses, first ladies and politicians. You will agree with this by following the publication of, for example, the monarchs of England. Their choice is explained by the fact that the blue and its derivative shades create an aura of professionalism, intelligence, soothe and dispose to oneself. The psychology of color perception is a subtle thing that stylists successfully use.

But this does not mean that in things of a blue color, your appearance automatically takes on a kind of officialdom. Here's how street trendlers wear the trend of the season:

One Shoulder Top

Start with a dress or blouse

- The easiest option to introduce blue into the wardrobe is to buy a dress in a classic blue hue. In the spring, blue blouses and jeans will be especially relevant. The brightness of the color must be chosen depending on where you are going to go.



Combine with Red, Orange, Coral

- For people who are not afraid of bright color combinations, I would recommend enhancing the blue color using contrasting shades: red, orange, coral. These are the colors that emphasize it as much as possible and will look bright, positive and fresh. These combinations are suitable for people with a contrasting type of appearance: dark eyes, hair.

Vintage White And Red Striped Blouse

 Wear with white

- Blue color goes well with white. For example: blue shorts or jeans with a white shirt. Such an style is understandable and always looks advantageous.

 Wear with white