Make-up for eyes and lips

5 life hacks on how to do make-up for eyes and lips so that no one guesses about your age

Do you prefer mascara or extensions?

Makeup brushes - the strongest weapon in the hands of a woman. With their help, we can completely change the appearance: draw a new bend of the eyebrows, slightly increase the lips and eyes, emphasize the cheekbones. However, learning a couple of tricks is not enough. Techniques that suit you perfectly in your youth, in adulthood, can only do much harm. To look like a peach, not a dried fruit, we adopt 5 makeup tips.

Tip № 1 - use light lipstick

use light lipstick

After 40, it is important not only to emphasize the merits, but also to hide the flaws. Less hyaluronic acid is produced in the skin, which means less moisture is attracted. Lips are no longer as puffy as in youth. Any bright colors accentuate their subtleties. Light ones, on the contrary, visually increase the volume.

Tip №2 - dye your eyes with natural shades of eyeshadow

to paint eyes with natural shades of shadows

In adulthood, it is important to rely on elegance - it is young. Neon colors will look too vulgar. And matte shadows, instead of pearlescent ones, can emphasize the net of wrinkles on the eyelid and crow's feet. Therefore, we recommend choosing shades of calm shades with a light, unobtrusive shine.

Tip № 3 - to increase or good color eyelashes

eyelash extensions

At 20, eyelashes are bright and lush, even without additional staining. However, the older we get, the more they thin out. Use mascara or do natural building up - a must have for women 40+. So the look becomes more spectacular and distracts attention from wrinkles.

Tip № 4 - do not overload the lower eyelid with eyeliner

do not overload the lower eyelid with eyeliner

After 40, our body produces less collagen - the protein responsible for skin elasticity. The contours of the face blur, and the eyelids begin to hang. Of course, the size of the eyes does not change from this, but visually they seem smaller. The main task of makeup is to open your eyes and carefully work out the upper eyelid. The lower is better or not to paint at all, or to carefully blend the eyeliner.

Tip # 5 - Make Eyebrows Naturally Bend

Too curved eyebrows do not help to create an anti-age effect. They do not make eyes anymore, but only make a woman look forever surprised. To refresh the look, it is enough to emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows. And to add an image of brightness, shadows or a pencil will help.