People order tracksuits. What are the fashion trends for the virus?

Negative news and moods are already really tired. Including in the field of fashion: which companies and how much have lost, which brands have closed. It’s better to discuss something neutral and funny - for example, here’s this: during the coronavirus epidemic, several trends appeared that might not have formed at other times. Shopping, as such, has not disappeared, but the attention of buyers was not directed to dresses and skirts, but to tracksuits in which you can sit at home and go to the store. And nowhere else is there. What other habits have people developed?
People order tracksuits. What are the fashion trends for the virus?

Clothing for Zoom: people more often buy top than bottom

Fashion portals discuss the outfits of Kate Middleton, who got in touch with people through Zoom. Previously, this happened on all kinds of carpets and events. The Duchess of Cambridge did not fall into the wardrobe of despondency and appeared online exclusively in colored clothes. We saw a positive message in the actions that soon everything would be fine and that we should not despair.

Fashion portals discuss the outfits of Kate Middleton, who got in touch with people through Zoom.

Today, Zoom has really become the main meeting place with friends and colleagues. Stylists advise choosing a solid top for a video conference with employees and bosses, things with bright prints for a friendly get-together, something with sequins and animalistic design for an online bar with strangers.
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It seems unusual: it is somehow strange to put on something specific for sitting at the screen. But at the end of March, the American retailer Walmart noted increased demand for the upper part of clothing and, conversely, insufficient demand for the bottom. They say the trend will continue in the near future.

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Tracksuits and sneakers

Many of us had big plans for spring and summer wardrobe, but knitted tracksuits became the most popular item. First, all sorts of fashionistas and bloggers began to wear sweatshirts and sweatshirts in home isolation, then - to take pictures from nothing to do. Users picked up the trend. Although without a fashionist it is clear that such costumes are ideal for home. In addition, tracksuits as an attribute of streetwire, and not trainers, were announced last year by the trend of spring-summer 2020. It came true.

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American retailers note that people are less likely to buy clothes, and if they buy, then home. And the stocks of comfortable outfits and pajamas are running low.
Since the beginning of March, the search for sports pants on the site has been carried out 85% more often.

Doctors and art on glossy covers

The publication of models (nude or not very, in brands and jewelry) on the covers of magazines suddenly became almost blasphemy. Many glossy publications found a way out: they began to make painted, creative, touching covers. They cause emotion, have an audience for themselves and say that luxury and glamor have now definitely receded into the tenth plan.


Another landmark decision: replacing the stars on the covers with the most ordinary, non-media doctors who struggle with COVID-19 every day. Often they are removed right in the hospital or in the parking lot, briefly distracting them from saving people.

“We no longer have the right to place a celebrity on the cover of the magazine - at least for now,” said Vanity Fair's chief editor, shifting the focus of heroism from celebrity to doctors.


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So che tutti voi avete una grande sensibilita’ , non sareste qui se così non fosse. Conto sul vostro aiuto per dare merito all’eroismo di medici, infermieri, volontari e lavoratori che stanno buttando il cuore oltre ogni ostacolo. Comperate ,insieme a me, il prossimo numero di #vanityfairitalia , fatelo per tutti i professionisti impegnati in prima linea in Italia nella lotta contro il virus. Tutto il ricavato della vendita in edicola di questo numero verrà devoluto all'Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII di Bergamo, uno dei più colpiti dall'emergenza. #IOCISONO comes to life today, the new issue of @vanityfairitalia @marchettisimone on newsstands for two weeks, is dedicated to all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, employees, volunteers and workers involved in the fight against Coronavirus. , Editor in Chief: '#IOCISONO (#IAMWITHYOU) is a message of courage and strength dedicated to all the professionals involved in the front line in Italy. They are the protagonists on the cover and of the stories of our new issue. . . . #VanityFairItalia

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Fashion bloggers massively left TikTok and make fashionable challenges

Home boredom and the lack of socialization pushed people to go to blogging. Fashion divs from "insta" found themselves in TikTok, YouTube-fashion bloggers began to bomb the video almost every day.

During the pandemic, the number of downloads of the TikTok application exceeded 2 billion. Self-isolation is the right time to play funny videos on the phone, but the number is really surprising. Those who look down on meaningless challenges have nothing to do in the application. Challenges there change instantly, keeping up with everyone is simply impossible.

Fashion harmoniously merged with a humorous theme. One of the tricks is to show off your outfits and boast about brands, because it’s not yet possible to show them at fashion shows.


During the lockdown period, even popular brands got bored: for example, Dior and Gucci registered their “Akki” in TikTok. And this is a completely new level of self-submission and fan search, not even among generation Z, but among younger people - modern preschoolers and schoolchildren.