How to wear beige eyeshadow?

Beige eyeshadows should be in every cosmetic bag, because they can do a lot!

Perfect nude
Matte, skin-tinted eyeshadows are ideal for even skin tone on the eyelids. Foundation or concealer. which are often used for this purpose can roll into a crease. But the shadows applied to the base will definitely last until the evening.

2 Seductive cat-eyes
Beige eye shadow is a great base for expressive arrows. With matte shadows, such eye makeup will be appropriate during the day, and with shimmery shadows, it will perfectly complement an evening look.

3 Fresh look
The standard selection of the area under the eyebrow often emphasizes the overhanging eyelid and makes the look heavier. To avoid this, apply light beige shadows from the inner corner of the eye just to the highest point of the eyebrow (without touching the ponytail), thereby creating a diagonally ascending line. In the same direction, apply darker beige eyeshadow from the middle of the eyelid to the end of the eyebrow. This technique will visually correct the overhanging eyelid and make the look more open and expressive.

4 Soft boundaries
If you apply beige eyeshadows all over your eyelid, they allow you to easily blend any other shadows without changing their color (unlike white shadows). Also, beige shadows can be used to create soft borders. For example, if you want the perfect smoky-eyes make-up, use a flesh-tinted shadow on the blending brush and lightly trace the edges.

5 Delicate glow
Beige eyeshadows with a fine shimmer perfectly replace the champagne highlighter. This shade is the most versatile and is suitable for highlighting the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes, the "tick" above the upper lip and even the center of the lips themselves for more volume.