How to make Enamel Pins?

Enamel pins are some of the most popular youth accessories. Each such product is fraught with some information about its owner. Cute enamel pins can talk about personal hobbies, values, musical preferences, affiliation with an organization or attitude to life.

Undoubtedly, cheap enamel pins can be ordered on our website. But a thing made in a single copy is always a priority. Its value is that it is unique. Nobody else will have this! Are you ready to declare yourself out loud and show your friends what you can do? Then see how to make badges at home soon. Some of the ways will surprise you!

DIY Enamel Pins

These original Pins will look like they just came out of a store shelf. To make cute enamel pins with your own hands, you need to purchase a special blank. It can be found in any office supply store.
The workpiece consists of a body and a mount. All you need to do is cut out the image and place it between the base of the icon and the transparent cap. To prevent the image from scrolling, apply a drop of glue to the back side. For everything about everything - one minute!

DIY metal pins

DIY creative metal Pins are made on the basis of old ones that have already lost their relevance and are not popular with their owner.
Paint the icon with light acrylic paint in two layers. When the paint is dry and sticky, cover the badge with a small piece of tissue paper.
Pay attention! If there is too much paint, it blatantly seeps through the napkin and ruins the badge.

Turn the edges of the napkin inward and close the icon.
The end result depends on the image on the napkin. These can be pirates, heroes of your favorite cartoons or fairy tales ...