How To Wear a Turtleneck With Suits, Blazers, or Shorts

A suit can be the main element of a look, and a turtleneck will perfectly complement it and betray a special style. In this combination, you can go to a business meeting, to the office, for a walk with friends, social events.
The girl is wearing a beige turtleneck with a long collar, an emerald-colored suit: tight-fitting trousers and a fitted jacket, white sneakers, a black leather belt bag.
Let's figure out how to wear a turtleneck with a suit consisting of trousers and a jacket, since this style is especially popular now. At fashion shows, monochrome trouser suits are most often found, consisting of straight wide trousers, fitted flared trousers, as well as very narrow trousers that favorably emphasize the length of the legs, the top is also completely different: a loose oversized jacket, classic cut, cropped, with a regular collar , asymmetric shape or even without it. For contrast, choose a bright turtleneck with a turtleneck, and for a monochrome look, choose a turtleneck in a similar color scheme with a trouser suit.

White sheer turtleneck with a low neck, decorated with pearls and fringed sleeves in combination with a pale pink suit

Girls loved such a combination as shorts and a jacket. This costume, depending on the material and color, can be worn both in winter and in summer. Quite often, girls create their own look by wearing narrow elongated shorts, Bermuda shorts with an oversized jacket and a turtleneck of the same color, combine them with coarse ankle boots, boots with thick soles and lacing, or leather mules with a low thick heel. A more feminine option: short, straight shorts with a high waist, a fitted jacket, a turtleneck in soft pastel shades with ruffles, pearls or a decorated collar.
The girl is wearing a beige suit made of natural fabrics:
How to wear a turtleneck with a suit to work? Many girls want to look stylish and fashionable at work, but sometimes the dress code does not allow this, in which case a suit consisting of a jacket and a skirt is the perfect way out of the situation. Choose a classic pencil skirt slightly below the knee and a straight cut blazer that reaches mid-thigh length. You can wear a loose turtleneck in pastel shades and add accessories in a minimalist style, or choose a turtleneck in bright colors.
Beige slinky turtleneck with slogan collar paired with formfitting shorts and black oversized blazer
Girls with slender legs can afford to wear a short, tight skirt and a matching jacket. Tweed suits decorated with round volumetric buttons were especially fond of. Combine them with plain turtlenecks with a high collar, shoes or sandals with heels, elegant belt bags, more comfortable option - white concise sneakers and a small backpack. 

The girl is wearing a dark burgundy turtleneck with a collar, a gray suit with a glencheck print

The girl is wearing a white turtleneck with a voluminous collar, a gray straight mini skirt with a glencheck print

The girl is wearing a white tight turtleneck without a collar, a pink tweed suit with round buttons

How To Wear a Turtleneck With Shorts

Shorts are a real salvation in the heat, when the thermometer suddenly begins to creep up. Take a closer look at oversized sandy cargo shorts, which fashionistas wear with ribbed turtlenecks without collar and short sleeves. Choose white sneakers made of fabric, black boots from which knee-highs stick out, sandals on a flat run. Satin short jogging shorts are also great for summer, pair them with youth turtlenecks that feature vibrant prints and lettering.
A white turtleneck with a free collar paired with a pale pink straight-cut blazer and short, high-waisted oversized shorts.
For a business style, a turtleneck with shorts is also suitable. Silk breeches, tailored knee-length shorts, white or black bermuda shorts - all this will add elegance and grace to your look. Choose a basic turtleneck with a collar, a straight-leg jacket, and shoes.
The girl wears a sandy ribbed turtleneck with short sleeves and a deep v-neck with buttons, leather brown bermuda shorts, earrings and a necklace.

The model is wearing a yellow turtleneck without a collar, decorated with ruffles on the sleeves, yellow loose bermuda shorts at the knee and with a rubber belt, yellow pumps with a pointed toe with heels.

A white turtleneck with a free collar paired with a pale pink straight-cut blazer and short, high-waisted oversized shorts.
The girl is wearing a black turtleneck without a collar, denim black bicycles with a leather belt, a black oversized jacket, square glasses and black leather sandals with a square toe and an open heel.
Street style fashionistas especially love such a combination as a turtleneck with shorts. We advise you to wear short or elongated black bicycles, a bright, loose turtleneck and an oversized jacket. Choose shoes depending on your mood: stiletto heels, rough ankle boots or lace-up boots, voluminous sneakers with chunky soles. The look will be complemented by accessories: asymmetric bags, unusual glasses, chains and earrings.
A black, form-fitting turtleneck with a decorated metal button collar paired with oversized black leather shorts with a gathered high waist in a black blazer with white stripes. The image is complemented by accessories: a black belt bag, rings, watches and black glasses.
Leather loose short shorts with a high gathered waist in combination with a basic black, beige, brown turtleneck will look elegant and at the same time daring. Tweed shorts, worn by lovers of delicate bows, are paired with ribbed turtlenecks in pastel shades. This look will be favorably emphasized by feminine shoes and straight cut coats.

The girl is wearing a black tight-fitting turtleneck without a collar and with puffy sleeves, loose leather shorts with a high waist, suede over the knee boots, a black square belt bag, a black cap, bulky earrings and glasses.

How to wear a jumpsuit with a turtleneck

Often, jumpsuits of different styles are combined with a turtleneck with a high collar and long sleeves. For a lover of brutal trends, they will like working white Jumpsuit made of thick cotton fabrics. The designers presented completely different models: with stripes and metal buttons, asymmetrical collars, wide trousers and colorful prints. Combine them with thick turtlenecks, Cossack boots.
The girl is wearing a white cotton jumpsuit with a v-neck, a belt and buttons, a leopard-print turtleneck with a collar, patent ankle boots with thick high heels, a black puffy jacket. The image is complemented by a black leather bag of an unusual shape, light brown glasses and round earrings
Also a great solution would be a grunge denim overalls for a worker. Wear it with a black turtleneck, ballet flats, or rough boots. Rough jumpsuits, similar to the overalls of builders, are also the main favorites of street style fashionistas, pair them with simple white sneakers for a walk, and for a party choose sandals with heels.
A beige work suit with decorative pockets and a deep cut in combination with a black turtleneck, black suede ankle boots with a leather nose, a red bag.
Elegant looks for a party, a solemn event can be created using a turtleneck with a jumpsuit. The most suitable will be silk, sequined and beaded jumpsuits in sky blue shades with and without prints, decorated with pearls, rhinestones, ruffles, frills, the waist can be emphasized with a belt or made the look. Choose a tight-fitting turtleneck in pastel shades. Choose elegant shoes: beautiful high-heeled shoes, ankle boots, stiletto sandals.
The girl is wearing a bright neon turtleneck with a collar, a beige cotton suit with three-quarter sleeves with a belt and a deep neckline, white sandals with thick high heels and thin straps, a gold chain and a belt bag.
Wearing a thin sleeveless turtleneck under a linen sundress you will create a bright stylish summer outfit. Choose the highest quality fabrics that are suitable for the heat. Wear sandals with the finest straps, rope sandals, you can also play in contrast and wear rough ankle boots.
The girl is wearing a white turtleneck with an openwork pattern, puffy sleeves and a collar, a black tight-fitting suit with long trousers, a belt bag with a gold chain, black glasses.
No wonder the Jumpsuit are a universal thing, because you can freely wear it in the office. The designers have specially created classic models: a strict cut jumpsuit in black and pastel shades in a minimalist style. Such models resemble pantsuits. Pair them with snug collar turtlenecks. 

The girl is wearing a black turtleneck with cutouts on the shoulders, a black jumpsuit with puffy trousers decorated with beads and a thin leather belt, white sneakers, and a black leather bag.

How to wear a turtleneck with a blazer

Probably not to come up with a more successful combination than a turtleneck and a jacket, because both of these things must have been for several seasons. girls no longer have questions about whether it is possible to wear a turtleneck with a jacket, because such combinations are quite common on the streets among fashionistas. Let's figure out how to properly combine a turtleneck with a jacket.
Girls have a black total look: a turtleneck with a high neck, high-waisted skinny jeans, an elongated straight-cut jacket, lace-up boots with straps, a square belt bag, round glasses and a thin chain.
Nobody canceled the classics, so a gray jacket with a classic cut is in the first place. As a rule, it is worn with a black, beige basic turtleneck, dress pants, and a pencil skirt. In order to diversify your look, choose a bright neon turtleneck, a wide leather belt under a jacket, a loose midi skirt, and printed boots. Do not forget about the harmony and integrity of the image - if there is a bright element, then the rest are in muted shades.

Oversized Blazer are suitable for lovers of street, free style. Broad shoulders, length, volume give a rebellious spirit and a sense of freedom.

White turtleneck with a low collar in combination with a black oversized jacket, black skinny jeans, pointed toe and without heels, a brown sheath bag.

In cold weather, opt for warm wool jackets and quality cashmere turtlenecks in pastel shades, and for a party you can take a closer look at a bright velvet oversized jacket that will not leave you without admiring glances from the crowd.

The girl is wearing a black turtleneck with a collar, leather tight pants, an oversized leather black jacket, black and white pumps with a pointed toe and thin heels, a red small square bag, a thin chain, light pink round glasses and earrings.

Do they wear a turtleneck with a dress jacket? Girls quite often wear a jacket as the main element of their look, emphasize the waist with a leather belt, combine it with basic turtlenecks with a long collar, ankle socks, coarse lace-up boots, voluminous sneakers, belt bags and unusual shaped glasses. For a bright and unusual outfit, choose an oversized or asymmetrical jacket made of velvet, corduroy, leather, or with a variegated print.