20 reasons to buy a beautiful tray: for storing small items, serving and decor

If there is a beautiful tray in the house, but you have not yet figured out how to use it (except for its intended purpose, for serving), this collection of ideas will suggest many non-trivial solutions.

If you do not have it, we suggest finding out why this universal item should be in every home. Sybarites will see how to use trays differently for anything serving. Rational natures - how to create islands of order. Aesthetes and creative personalities will replenish the collection of inspirational ideas for “decor islands”.

Serving Trays - A New Approach
If you think the tray is only good for carrying food to a convenient location, then it's time to explore other possibilities.

This section contains ideas related to the meal - small personal, cozy family or for receiving guests.

1. Breakfast in bed.

And for someone - a cozy tea party before bedtime. A little whim that you simply must allow yourself at least occasionally.

The most obvious decision and at the same time a reason for creativity. Influence your own mood - choose the most charming tray to admire.

Breakfast in bed

The quality is beyond imagination. There is no color difference at all. I was worried that I could only use it to take pictures. In fact, it is not at all. It feels like it can be used for a long time

2. Tea drinking in the living room.

It is convenient to bring dishes and sweets from the kitchen, and then immediately remove.

Decorator's tip: Choose a tray that matches your living room décor or enhances the sophistication of your tableware.



3. Tray + pouf (or bench) = coffee table.

Any "soft" place can be turned into a mini-table. If you like to receive guests and recognize multifunctional things, get not an ordinary table, but a large pouf or a bench.

This extra seat can easily be converted into a table - using the tray.

Any "soft" place can be turned into a mini-table

4. Huge tray + base legs = coffee table.

The top (table top) is a very large tray that can be easily removed and carried along with the contents.

Finding such items in stores is not easy. But, if you turn on your imagination, you can try to do it yourself.

Huge tray + base legs = coffee table

Huge tray + base legs = coffee table

5. Mini-bar on a tray.

Idea for gourmets and partygoers. Compact, neat, stylish and mobile. Unlike a serving table on wheels, it does not take up floor space.

Mini-bar on a tray.

Mini-bar on a tray.

6. For eating snacks while watching TV.

An indispensable item for those who like to combine watching movies and snacks like popcorn. And also - for housewives who put things in order after such a pastime.

7. In the role of a side table.

Analogue No. 4 with amendments:

  • these models are much easier to buy,
  • such a tray on a folding base will replace a side table,
  • if there is not enough space in the living room, it can be hidden in the closet when the party is over.

"Islands of order" on trays - practical ideas
This section is about compact storage of small things in different rooms, including possibilities that you may not have known about.

8. For magazines and books.

Convenient for those who like to read a lot of books or watch different albums at the same time. Moreover, in the living room. A tray with books is always at hand, they are in order, and if necessary, they can be easily removed from the table. Better to use wooden or wicker trays with high sides.

For magazines and books

For magazines and books

9. For storing various little things.

Flat or with sides, this tray is useful for an entrance hall, living room or bedroom. The main thing is that it is compact. 

10. For order on the desktop.

Rectangular trays with high sides will finally bring order to your table. Size - depending on the area of the countertop. All that remains is to maintain order on the tray itself; =)

11. For cosmetics and perfumery.

In principle, any, even the simplest, tray can handle this role. But it is especially effective to arrange your “beauty arsenal” on a transparent acrylic or metal tray with a mirror finish. Idea for a bedroom or bathroom.

For cosmetics and perfumery

For cosmetics and perfumery

12. For storing bath accessories.

Another bathroom idea if there is a large enough countertop around the sink. You can store everything that needs to be at hand on the tray or rotate (depending on which procedure you are doing).

For storing bath accessories

13. For kitchen tools.

Just like on the work table, in the kitchen, trays will help keep things tidy and easy to move around when cleaning. If the tray is large and there are few kitchen utensils, add a dash of decor, such as a small pot with a houseplant.

For kitchen tools

14. For storing spices.

Jars-bottles with spices, and, if desired, also a salt shaker and a sugar bowl. It is best to use a tray that can be washed and cleaned frequently.

15. For constantly used dishes.

For example, the one required for breakfast. Or for a tea party. (example - in the photo below, left)

16. For bottles and small cans.

Including - for detergents. And also - for everything in the kitchen that I would like to organize and keep on the countertop (example - in the photo below, on the right).

For bottles and small cans

"Decor islands" - how to create a spectacular composition on a tray
The final section is for creative individuals who love the game "his own decorator". Due to its compactness, it looks impressive and unobtrusive. If it is necessary to free the surface, it is easily transferred to another place.

17. Indoor plants + tray = miniature winter garden.

A single compact arrangement on a tray looks better than several small pots in a row. Easy to move around when needed, suitable for any room and even a bathroom with a window. Wicker trays are ideal.

miniature winter garden

18. Composition from bottles with flowers.

If you like a fashionable trick, use bottles as vases. It looks especially picturesque on a tray. Especially mirrored or glossy.

Composition of bottles with flowers

19. Evening by candlelight.

Another fashionable European decor technique. For fire safety reasons, only metal or ceramic trays are suitable for candle compositions (especially for candles, available at IKEA). You can complement the candles with other "allies" of the romantic evening, such as flowers.

Evening by candlelight.

20. Seasonal decor.

In spring and autumn, summer and winter - at any time of the year, you can create a beautiful decorative composition from seasonal materials.
Seasonal decor
If you place it on a tray, such a miniature "decor island" will look more professional. Plus - it's easy to move to another room or other furniture.

Seasonal decor beautiful tray

That's all the tray ideas we wanted to show you today. Agree, there are enough of them to think about buying this small universal accessory. Or - find a use for what has been gathering dust in your closet for a long time.

Seasonal decor beautiful tray

Seasonal decor beautiful tray

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