5 anti-aging dressing tricks for mature woman

Sometimes mature ladies complain that fashion is only for the young. They say that there are so many restrictions in the age-related wardrobe that it is simply impossible to be stylish at the same time. But this is just a myth that the stylist skillfully debunks on his blog. She is convinced that "there are no ugly women, there are improperly selected clothes."

The expert gives 5 simple and effective tips for mature ladies on how to dress to visually look younger.


Tuck the top into the skirt

This is a simple and effective way. A top tucked into a skirt, be it a jumper, sweater or shirt, always makes a woman's figure proportional and beautiful.


Pay attention to how stylish a slight negligence looks in the images. Fashion blogger Bibi Horst only partially tucked her sweater into a leather skirt, and Grace Ghanem did the same with a white shirt.


Wear a cardigan made of heavy jersey in a loose fit

Where without a Casual Long Cardigan at an elegant age. But mature women definitely need to choose the latest styles so as not to turn into a grandmother. Stylist notes that a modern cardigan is a product made of dense jersey with a loose fit. The length can be either short or elongated. But the option to the knee is already losing its relevance, so it's better to choose shorter models after all.


Take a look at how fresh and stylish the burgundy cardigan looks on Bibi Horst, combined with modern things. If instead of cropped flared trousers there were some old-fashioned skirt, then the woman would not be saved even by sunglasses and a fashionable handbag.

Use different textures of fabrics in a multi-layered look


There is little sense in layering if the textures of the fabrics are almost the same. After all, this option looks too bland and simple, moreover, it visually ages. The stylist emphasizes that the materials must necessarily differ in density and character.


One cannot but agree with this. Of course, a lady who combines a delicate silk top with a chunky-knit cardigan will look more advantageous than her peer in a knitted T-shirt and cardigan made of the same fabric.

Add accessories to laconic outfits

An ordinary laconic outfit in many cases can visually throw in extra years. However, if you add some relevant and bright accessory to it, then everything will instantly change. The woman will immediately look younger and more fashionable.


You should especially pay attention to shawls, scarves and belts. Using these accessories is not difficult at all, but they improve the look noticeably.


Finally, we suggest remembering one more tip from the stylist. The expert advises to abandon bright floral prints in favor of drawings in light colors. They will make you look more elegant as well as stylish and youthful.