5 jeans that make a woman look like a lady

A well-groomed woman can be seen from afar. She is neat, clean, tidy. She always looks after herself. And even jeans can tell a lot about her. Such a lady is not afraid to wear light-colored models, because she knows that she will immediately remove the stain from them. But she is also not afraid of buttons. After all, at any moment she will take a thread and a needle and sew them in place if they come off. We have selected 5 models of jeans that are chosen only by those ladies who are not indifferent to their appearance.

Turn-up jeans

Many people criticize such jeans, as they open the ankle, and this is unacceptable in the cold season. However, for a well-groomed woman, such a model is a real find. She can easily do the turns in combination with high enough shoes and warm socks. This will prevent your jeans from picking up dirt and getting wet from snow, which means they will look much cleaner.

Turn-up jeans


Jeans without holes and rhinestones

Caring for these jeans can be challenging. Beads and rhinestones easily come off or fall off, and the holes are constantly expanding in size. A woman who watches over her appearance will definitely not allow herself to walk in such clothes. It is much easier for her to choose a laconic model than to think about holes or traces of glue that may remain on the fabric.

Jeans without holes and rhinestones


Jeans with buttons without zip

The zipper can break at the most inopportune moment, but with buttons things are much easier. Yes, they also come off, but the possibility of such a breakdown is significantly lower. Moreover, a number of high-quality beautiful buttons always look interesting and can act as an original decor.

Dense fabric jeans

Jeans models made of dense fabric always retain their shape even after numerous washes. They do not hang on the body, do not stretch or deform. A well-groomed woman knows this is a good investment. Jeans will retain their presentation even after several years, therefore, it is much easier to take care of them.

 Dense fabric jeans


Light jeans

A woman who looks after her appearance can afford light jeans at any time of the year. She knows for sure that she will not get them dirty and will not wear spotted clothes. This speaks of her neatness and care. After all, such models still require a certain grooming in order to look really good.

Light jeans


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