Secrets to looking stylish when ordering cheap clothes

“They meet them by their clothes,” says the famous proverb. And the truth is! People make up their impression of a woman, evaluating what she is wearing. But what if there is no money for luxury clothes, but you still want to create a perfect image? We share secrets on how to choose cheap clothes in order to look expensive.

cover photo @gittabanko

Choose natural colors and their combinations

Muted shades of beige, brown, olive, or blue coexist perfectly with each other and look noble. With them, you always get a harmonious set, with which it is easy to create a complete image. Natural colors that are found in plants, the color of animals, and other natural combinations look very dignified in clothing, no matter how much it costs.

Tank Top will look great with pants of any color, including plain white and ripped jeans

Buy items of different textures

A great way to give your look an expensive look is to combine textures. Moreover, mixing mixed materials in one look is one of the trends of at least the last 2 seasons. Do not be afraid to combine silk with wool, leather with knitwear, or transparent guipure with cotton. Try different mergers and new solutions will appear by themselves.

Buy natural fabrics or quality counterparts

Nevertheless, it is easier to breathe in natural tissues, especially in summer. The budget option is cotton. Shirts, t-shirts, sarafans, overalls, or skirts made of thick cotton are inexpensive, but look presentable. Sometimes you can buy a linen product on sale at a very good discount. Well, if you settled on artificial materials, then prefer rayon, modal, or lyocell.

The Chiffon Dress Elastic Waist is an island inspired dream

Buy more minimal basic things, not fleeting trends

The most profitable solution for any wardrobe is a universal set of basic things. Of course, we do not urge you to abandon flashy prints and bright colors. Let them become your accents, and most of the closet will be occupied by laconic clothes of simple styles. So it will be easier for you to make a capsule every day and realize new stylish ideas.