5 secrets when choosing panties, which should not be forgotten at any age

Lingerie is perhaps one of the hottest items in the fashion industry. After all, panties and bras are worn by everyone, regardless of clothing preferences. Of course, young ladies and adult ladies have different approaches to the choice of lingerie. For the former, beauty is most important, and for the latter, comfort. Nevertheless, there are universal rules for choosing panties that are suitable for women of all ages. Memorize and apply them in your life.


Buy panties to match your bras

Even if you really liked some panties, do not rush to buy them at breakneck speed. First of all, think about what kind of bra they can make a set with. For example, if your entire upper is cotton and you are not going to purchase models from another, more feminine fabric, then there is no point in taking satin panties. Indeed, according to stylist, such a tandem will look ugly and inelegant.

Choose solid color models

lingerie-models-with-all-kinds-of-ribbons-and-frilThe fewer dots, flowers and rhinestones on the Cotton Panties, the more style. This is exactly what stylist. Also, according to her, it is best to choose black and beige panties for basic lingerie.
When choosing underwear, she advises considering skin tone. For example, for dark-skinned girls, saturated colors are suitable - purple, orange, light green. They will create a beautiful contrast between body and lingerie. But for owners of light skin, it is better to choose panties in pastel shades, which will smooth out the pallor of the body and give it a shine.

Buy panties that fit your body type

Yes, you should take into account your body type not only when choosing jeans, but also panties. After all, it is so pleasant to shine always and everywhere - even in the semi-darkness of your bedroom. According to the stylist-image maker, a properly chosen style hides flaws and emphasizes advantages.
For example, the inverted triangle silhouette looks great in Lace Panties that visually enlarge the hips. And for the pear figure, panties with inserts made of lightweight fabric are ideal, which, on the contrary, visually reduce the size of the lower body. With all sorts of ribbons and ruffles, they are the perfect choice for a rectangle silhouette that lacks a feminine shape at the hips.


Prefer mid-rise models


Our fashion designers note that low-rise panties are often uncomfortable. They are suitable only in the case when you are wearing a dress with a deep cut on the back. In all other situations, it is better to choose models with an average fit - in height, approximately to the bones.


Order good quality panties

Perhaps this is the most important rule. You can save on a T-shirt and jeans, but not on underwear. Unshakable truths that many of us for some reason throw out of our heads when they see another promotional product: “Good underwear lasts 2-3 years. Buy the best you can afford. The better it is, the longer it will serve you and the longer it will delight you.

quality panties and bra will delight you

So, the choice of panties for a woman of any age should not turn into a trifling matter, which is done in a hurry. On the contrary, this issue should be approached with the utmost care. Instead of buying dozens of flimsy fabric panties for three kopecks, it is better to invest in two or three high quality models. After all, beautiful and solid underwear not only serves for a long time, but also one hundred percent raises self-esteem.