Basic Clothing 2021: 10 Essential Items

Women's chic style depends on many things - hairstyles, manicure, the ability to present oneself. It is also important to choose the right clothes, it should fit perfectly on the figure and emphasize the dignity. Also, often include stylish things in your looks that make you look chic and perfect.

1 Stylish pullover

This comfortable thing gives a woman grace and sophistication. The main thing is that the fabric is dense, and the neckline is like V. Then it will not fill up.

Stylish pullover
When the cold season comes, light, colorful dresses fade into the background, and a warm, comfortable sweater appears on the stage. What looks are not created in combination with this knitted or knitted garment: frivolous beauties, serious, respectable ladies or easy-going students - all of them are possible if there are sweaters in the wardrobe.
The first look is a time-tested classic - a bottle green sweater with a chunky knit scarf, stylish skinny jeans.
If you want something brighter, then a slightly muted, oversized yellow sweater with black leggings and a large leather bag will do just fine.
A sweater with jeggings looks great - this style is especially suitable for fragile women, since this type of trousers emphasizes the slender legs, and a slightly cropped model of a snow-white filigree-knit sweater gives the look a fresh.

2 Classic tailored trousers

Very stylish, sophisticated, the vertical stretches the silhouette and makes the woman slimmer. The most optimal shoes in this look are models with heels.
Classic trousers will never go out of style. This is the most basic item you should have in your wardrobe. There are enough reasons for this, since this is the best thing you can think of for work, and only classic straight-cut trousers will fit perfectly on any figure.
Classic tailored trousers
Classic trousers have many advantages over any other style of trousers. For example, they hide figure flaws, and for short girls they visually lengthen their legs due to ideally ironed arrows. The hallmarks of classic trousers are the absence of pockets, with the exception of small inner ones for decoration.

3 Monochrome Basic Clothing

The most elegant and status images are usually monochrome. Things picked up in one palette always look luxurious. Dilute the outfit with different textures, gradient transitions also look flawless.
3 Monochrome clothing
Monochrome in fashion is a combination of things of the same color scale in one look. Such an image does not have to be made of clothes of the same shade: a light jacket and dark trousers of different shades of the same color are also stylish monochrome.
The most popular monochrome combinations are total black and total white. It is impossible to say for sure when such images first appeared, but they have firmly entered the wardrobe of a modern fashionista.

New monochrome in Basic clothes is not only black and white

Classic total black and white bows are no longer surprising. Today, designers and stylists are experimenting with the entire color range so that the look is not trivial. It is especially fashionable to make a bright monochrome.

4 Playful Basic Clothing accessory

If you want to look more fragile and graceful, include such a detail in the image. It looks much more interesting than beads and necklaces.
Playful clothing accessory

5 Classics of the genre - pencil skirt

A strict, laconic, but very feminine skirt that looks perfect with shoes with heels.
A classic of the genre - a pencil skirt!
There is one absolutely irreplaceable and universal thing in every woman's wardrobe. It is the one that comes to the rescue in a situation when "there is nothing to wear." The one that is so versatile as an office option. The one that can make you irresistible.
A classic of the genre - a pencil skirt!
A strict, laconic and graceful pencil skirt. She has a century-old history, and was born purely by accident at the time of the birth of the emancipation of women. Wide long skirts interfered with the conquest of new life heights by beautiful ladies, literally getting in the way. However, the first pencil skirts were all beautiful and fashionable, but not comfortable at all.
A strict, laconic and graceful pencil skirt
The fabrics used in their sewing were not elastic. And this constrained movement. And then women got used to taking small steps. During its existence, the pencil skirt has undergone significant changes. She changed the length, transformed into a little black dress, found cuts and slots on herself, changed the structure of the fabric, and finally went out of fashion altogether. Ultimately, the world came to the conclusion that a skirt of this kind simply must be in every woman's wardrobe.

6 Flare jeans

They are back in fashion! If you want to look slimmer and more original, choose this style. Complement the look with high heels and you will be flawless.
6 Flare jeans
Classic blue models are ideal for both weekdays and outings. They look great in combination with a voluminous sweater, shirts of any colors, turtlenecks, and airy blouses. The top can be either worn out or tucked into the belt (for this, choose models with a high fit).
If you want your legs to look longer and slimmer, pair these jeans with heels. It is not necessary to wear an extreme stiletto for this - a heel 5-6 centimeters high will also add height to you, and the effect "from the ears" is guaranteed!

7 Dresses, blouses with peplum

These models emphasize the waist and hide the belly. In addition, the peplum balances the proportions. But you should not wear them for those who are obviously overweight.
Dresses, blouses with peplum
Overall, a white peplum blouse looks good with contrasting dark colors - black or navy, creating a versatile casual outfit. However, it also goes well with a pencil skirt in pastel colors. A white peplum shirt and skinny jeans are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal.
The presence of a wide frill hides minor figure flaws, so blouses with a peplum shape even for ladies with rather curvaceous shapes.

Which model Dresses, blouses with peplum  is right?

The presence of a wide frill hides minor figure flaws, so blouses with a peplum shape even for ladies with rather curvaceous shapes. This model has the unique ability to emphasize the waistline in this way.

8 Feminine pantsuit

Feminine pantsuit

Choose a suit that fits you flawlessly, emphasizes the plusses of your figure. Then you will look slimmer, more feminine and chic.
Pantsuits for women have long ceased to be office wear. Today, designers offer fashionistas to choose models that are suitable for everyday use and even for special occasions. What styles of trouser suits are there and what is the right way to wear them? How to choose the right shoes and accessories for such clothes?
Today, women's trouser suits are called the basis of the basic wardrobe of every fashionista, to which it owes its uniqueness. The costumes can be easily combined with other items to create a look that suits any occasion.

9 Cardigan

Elongated models perfectly balance proportions, choose models in dark shades, without decor. Baggy cardigans are a poor choice.
Knitted items never go out of style. They are especially popular in the autumn-winter period. They warm, create coziness and make the image feminine. A knitted cardigan is one of the elements of knitwear, which is a fairly practical and comfortable thing in a woman's wardrobe. Many designers in their fall-winter 2021 collections have paid great attention to this particular wardrobe item. They have been experimenting with styles for many years in a row, which allows us to consider the classic, at first glance, women's cardigan from a different angle. However, they do not betray traditions.

10 Basic things: flared skirt and year

Such skirts are considered basic, they hide the fullness of the hips, make the image more romantic and sophisticated.
flared skirt and year
Perhaps there is nothing more feminine and natural for every girl than a skirt. Be sexy or cute, elegant or cocky. We really want to create our perfect image and present our cool sets with a skirt, but ... Often our hand reaches for jeans or trousers, and we put off our inspiring ideas for later. Because we are afraid to make mistakes in creating our stylish kits with her.
The main highlight of this skirt can be considered its perky look, which the girl gets in this skirt. The flared skirt has a perky character and crazy energy. This style of skirt is perfect for both teenagers and older girls. For teenagers, such a skirt can add confidence, and for older girls, it will allow them to feel like a schoolgirl or graduate again.
When choosing clothes according to your figure, take into account the height, remember about the individual style, and your images will be perfect.