Basic wardrobe: 7 fashion items that everyone should have

A basic wardrobe is the foundation of good taste and good dressing skills. Correctly selected things are easy to combine with each other, which means that you don't need a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Everyone may have their own base, but there are clothes that everyone should buy. It will allow you to always look stylish regardless of the circumstances. Here are 7 basic wardrobe items that will come in handy this fall.

Plain sweater

Autumn has always been associated with warm and cozy sweaters, so you definitely can't do without them. Choose a solid color model without decor - you can always decorate it with additional accessories. It is important that the sweater does not fit the body and is made of good yarn. You will wear a quality item for more than one fall or winter!

Choose a solid color model without decor

Classic blazer

In warm autumn, when it is too early to put on a coat, jackets and blazers will help out. Moreover, today you can find an option made of wool or with special insulation. This is a great replacement for outerwear that will suit any style. You can choose a jacket in muted shades or buy an item made of bright fabric, even with prints or a check.

Dress in a double breasted blazer and khaki breeches for a casual level of dress

Leather biker jacket

The biker jacket will probably never go out of fashion - it has long been considered a universal base. This top is suitable for both regular jeans with a T-shirt and a romantic dress. The wide range allows you to choose the perfect jacket in all colors, shades and styles. The main thing is to keep track of its relevance.

Our favorite jacket ever and best-selling

White shirt

This thing is a real lifesaver for a modern woman. A white shirt will be appropriate in any event: both for a date and for a business meeting. Key points of choice relate to the style, fabric and quality of the item. If you wish, you can take a plain shirt in a different color, but still, white always looks nobler. It decorates the image and makes the woman look fresher.

Long Sleeve Ruffle Blouse

Plain chunky turtleneck

The days when turtlenecks were greatly underestimated are long gone. There are many arguments in favor of buying such clothes: they are comfortable, comfortable, beautiful, and also durable. The Turtleneck Bodysuit can be worn as a stand-alone item or turned into the bottom layer of an outfit - it creates the perfect backdrop for other clothes and accessories.

Cashmere Turtleneck

Basic coat

A straight-cut coat will be a sophisticated replacement for an annoying jacket or down jacket. It is important to choose simple pieces that are designed to play with accessories, embellishments and style. The coat should not be too short or variegated, then it will serve as an ideal base for more than one year!

Autumn Wool Coat

Straight fit jeans

Skinny is still controversial, but direct models are more relevant than ever. They do not distort the female figure and emphasize her dignity, especially for high-waist options. These jeans will suit everyone and will be appropriate in any situation. And it's not worth mentioning once again about their convenience.

Straight fit jeans

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