Choosing plus size Lingerie - size selection features

Unnoticeable to other people's eyes, but so close to every woman, underwear sets the tone for the whole image. Beautiful Plus Size Lingerie gives you self-confidence, the ability to feel even more feminine and attractive. For curvy women, the question of choosing the perfect underwear is especially acute: in addition to personal preferences in color and pattern, one should also take into account the nuances of the cut and the appropriateness of a particular model of underwear for a full figure.



Plus size underwear: features of choice

To prevent underwear from gathering dust in the closet after purchase, you should take the most responsible approach to its choice. Stylists advise to be guided by the following rules in the process of choosing the next product:


Focus on your size. Underwear a couple of sizes smaller can and will make you a little more fragile in the eyes of the seller, but it will be extremely uncomfortable to wear. Tight and crushing underwear that creates unpleasant folds is unlikely to add a pleasant sensation. However, things that are too spacious will also not be comfortable to wear.
Important. It is important for overweight women to know exactly the size of the bra. You can determine it accurately by home measurements or with the help of consultants in a lingerie store.
Find the right underwear for every occasion. It is especially important for full ladies to have a suitable option for different situations: Date Night lingerie with lace and ruffles is not suitable for sports.
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Full Figure lingerie for girls should, if not correct the figure, then at least not emphasize its flaws. The use of tightening panties, corsets or gracefulness is considered appropriate. Such underwear will help you look more attractive: it will smooth the hip line, accentuate the waist and lift the chest.
When choosing a bra model, you should take into account the features of a full figure: for example, a full chest needs a perfectly shaped bust with underwires and thick wide straps.
Advice. Best Bra For Plus Size Women for daily wear should not be spectacular - it should be comfortable and reliable: closed options with vertical underwires are ideal.
It is equally important to pay attention to the material from which the linen is made. The priority here is natural materials (silk and cotton), which will be comfortable to wear and will allow the skin to "breathe", but more and more often manufacturers choose more attractive attractive synthetics.
The percentage of polyamide and lycra, so actively added to the fabric of linen, should not exceed 5-10%, otherwise the skin will not breathe. In this case, it is important to make sure that you have a cotton lining to protect the leather from the artificial material. After all, even the most beautiful underwear will not become your favorite if it causes inconvenience in the process of wearing.
Plus size lingerie for girls should, if not correct the figure, then at least not emphasize its flaws.
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