We make a luxurious Christmas tree from balls with our own hands for the New Year 2021: a step-by-step master class

It is impossible to imagine celebrating Christmas and New Year without a Christmas tree, especially if there are children in your family who are waiting with trepidation for miracles and gifts from Santa Claus. Modern designers and craftsmen offer many options for creating a Christmas tree without using a living tree and without even resorting to artificial imitation.


Christmas tree made of Christmas decorations

Christmas tree made of Christmas decorations on the wall


Christmas tree made of balls of thread


Christmas tree made of Christmas decorations on the window


Christmas tree made of hanging rings

 We bring to your attention several options for creating a New Year tree.

  • You can make a soaring or conical Christmas tree consisting exclusively of Christmas balls using additional material.
  • You can use unusual balloons, and plus - Christmas tree. In general, there are many creative options for creating a Christmas tree for celebrating the New Year with your own hands.


The original idea of modern wall decor

In order to make a Christmas tree from balls, you will need the following materials:

  • Foam cone.
  • The size of the finished product depends on its size, therefore the main reference point is the dimensions of the cone.
  • Christmas balls. You should take care of the color scheme in advance or use completely different colors without being tied to a specific sequence of combination.
  • To complete the composition on the crown, you can use a snowflake, a star, a tip, a bow - whatever you want.
  • Glue gun or other good glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Ribbons, organza and more.
  • Wood skewer


A short master class on creating an easy and beautiful craft

To create a Christmas tree, you need to follow the sequence:

  • Take a foam cone. We will decorate it with balls gradually from the bottom up (this is a very important point).
  • We start attaching the balls with a pistol. It should be noted that the formation of the second row of balls must be done as follows: they are placed between the balls of the first. If you have chosen the appropriate pattern in colors, you should follow it and alternate balls.
  • You need to fill the cone to the very top; when forming the upper rows, you can use Christmas balls of a smaller diameter.
  • This is followed by the formation of the crown.
  • The voids between the balls can be filled with organza or beads. When using organza, you should cut it into small squares. Connecting two squares with a wooden skewer and glue, you need to place the resulting decoration in an empty space. You can also use tinsel for this.

Soaring christmas tree

The idea with unusual shapes of a Christmas tree for Christmas can be realized with your own hands. The spruce will look like it is floating in the air. For safety reasons, it can be placed at a height (if there are small children). Also, this kind of Christmas tree will be an unusual decoration for a school or kindergarten for the holiday.


Soaring christmas tree

For manufacturing you will need:

  • chains with which the structure will be suspended;
  • carbines - in large quantities;
  • hooks - by the number of carabiners;
  • thick fishing line;
  • Christmas balls;
  • clamps that will be used for the line;
  • wire cutters;
  • the basis for fixing the balls will be the mesh used for steam cooking.
Few details on creating such beauty
Using pliers, it is necessary to cut the chains into pieces of the same length, the structure will be suspended on them. With the help of hooks, you should fix the chains in the net and connect their ends with carabiners. Next, you need to cut pieces of fishing line into different lengths for attaching the balls. Loops are made at each end of the fishing line, here you can use special clips or just tie knots
Round bases make the process easier
The creation of a Christmas tree that will decorate the wall must also be approached creatively and with imagination. To complete it you will need:
  • Christmas balls (think about the colors and sizes in advance);
  • frame (it can be a wooden bar);
  • fishing line;
  • Christmas decorations, garlands.
First of all, it is necessary to make a frame on which the balls will then be suspended. It can be made immediately in the shape of a spruce (triangle) or performed in several levels (segments of different lengths, ranging from the smallest to the largest). Using a tool, you need to hang the frame on a nail. Then everything depends on your imagination: place the balls on the fishing line, tying them to the frame, and use New Year's decorations.
Creative approach to New Year's wall decoration
Important! Celebrating Christmas is a tradition of every family, which is important to maintain from year to year. Everyone can create a holiday. The most important thing is to approach this issue creatively, and you will succeed, and all wishes will come true!