I dressed like Kim Kardashian for the day.

Famous people have long included spandex, shiny latex shorts, over the knee boots, huge sunglasses, tuxedos without a bra and fully transparent tops in their wardrobe. Kim Kardashian is one of the most "furious" fans of this style. The 27-year-old Lebanese actress Agatha Ezzedin is proud of her “dimensions” similar to Kardashian’s forms. She decided to try on the style of a star and walk in similar clothes along the streets of London. About the experiment told The Sun

Credit: Nick Obank - The Sun

tried out Kim Kardashian's eye-popping Lycra outfits on the streets of London

While the 37-year-old Kim Kardashian has a whole staff of stylists, personal trainers and makeup artists, “ordinary woman” Agatha Ezzedin approached the matter of choosing outfits herself.

She studied Kardashian’s photo on Instagram and went shopping in the mass-market series in search of star clothes.
For her first "appearance" in the style of Kim, Agatha decided to purchase a like red tights, shiny leggings and short boots that fit her leg.

leggings and short-fitting boots

 “This is too flashy outfit for me and not what I have ever worn. You cannot walk down the street without catching the eyes of other people. Especially women. I feel a little uncomfortable, ”said Agatha.

The second Agatha copied an incredible cosmic image, which Kim tried on for a photo shoot at the beginning of this June.

“This robe made people laugh. Some people think that I am brave to wear it, while others take me to their phones and say that this is the worst thing they have ever seen. Obviously, on a hot sunny day, I will never wear a puffer jacket, I feel like an astronaut, ”Agatha said about the second image.

I feel like an astronaut

But she noted that she liked that it was fun and uplifting to most people.

it's fun and uplifting to most people

The last Kim style outfit that Agatha tried on was quite modest compared to the previous ones. However, Kardashian is wearing a necklace for 10 thousand euros, while Agatha bought herself a similar one in just two.

Kim's latest outfit

Trying on a military-style look, Agatha admitted that she feels comfortable in it. And the people on the street no longer looked at her, the girl said.

Trying on a military look

“Why she feels the need to dress like a military recruit I have no idea but then she is part of the fashion army I guess and every day in Kim’s life must be like going to war with all those paparazzi.

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