Fashion trends for summer 2021

The summer season is already coming. We'll be showing a couple of fashion items for summer 2021-2022. Take a look now and choose fashionable clothes for warm days with peace of mind.

What will be fashionable in women's clothing in the summer and what to expect from fashion designers in the new season 2021-2022 became clear at fashion shows traditionally held in the fashion capitals Milan, New York, Paris, and London.

For better or worse, fashion trends 2021-2022 practically do not differ from the current trends. In women's clothing 2021-2022, metallic and leather also take over, short dresses and light transparency remain fashionable.

Wide fit, masculinity, beloved animal print, and bold bright neon shades that were so popular in the previous season remain on the list of spring/summer clothing trends 2021-2022.

spring/summer clothing trends 2021-2022

The main palette in clothing for spring-summer 2021-2022 remains delicate pastel, in which lavender and pistachio shades were singled out as the most popular.

Do not forget about the main shade of this year - the classic blue color, as well as without the shades with which the summer would not be so bright and saturated. Red, yellow, orange, green, hot pink are perfect for spring/summer wear.

In addition to a riot of colors, fashionable women's clothing for spring-summer 2021-2022 will also feature no less bright prints. Flowers and polka dots, checks and stripes, animal and tropical prints, or beautiful paisley patterns not only diversify the look but also emphasize the inner state and mood of their mistress.

animal and tropical clothing prints

In the styles and cut of fashionable clothes 2021-2022, everything is present: asymmetric silhouettes, minimalism, eye-catching details, non-trivial models and classic options, original decor, and bold combinations of patterns and shades that unite femininity and sensuality emanating from each item of fashionable spring-summer clothes.

But there are a couple of new trends in this variety, which will characterize the latest clothing innovations 2021-2022.

If such trends in spring-summer clothing as lantern sleeves, deep neckline, loose fit, high waist, shortened leg length, seductive mini, corsets, ruffles, feathers are already familiar to us, what can you say about rope belts, safari-style and voluminous cuts that look more like a parachute.

 spring-summer clothing trends like lantern sleeves

volumetric style of clothing
Similar trends have become novelties in fashionable women's clothing 2021-2022. Although there are not so many of them, they offer interesting and stylish solutions. In principle, in every trend we are already familiar with, you can find something new, for example, in fashionable animalism in the spring-summer season, the favorite will not be a leopard, but a zebra print.

Ties have replaced fashionable bow ties on the collar, and contrasting collars with beautiful trim will even be super fashionable. Cute ruffles and ruffles are again gaining great popularity in clothing 2021-2022, only this season they are more often used with layering and asymmetry.
cute ruffles and ruffles are gaining popularity in clothing 2021-2022
We figured out a little about the general trends of fashionable clothes for spring-summer 2021-2022, now you can start reviewing the most trendy things that you cannot do without this season. We have collected TOP-12 must-have clothing items for spring-summer, with which your looks will be flawless and the most fashionable.

What to wear in spring and summer 2021-2022? List of the most fashionable women's clothing, which you can start looking for right now.

Cropped cardigan

A beautiful, soft knitted cardigan with buttons with a cropped cut will become an indispensable item of spring-summer wardrobe. It can be worn as a blouse in tandem with jeans or high-rise trousers, as well as outerwear that can be draped over the shoulders on a cool evening.

Long blazer

There will be no equal in outerwear for spring-summer 2021-2022 and a stylish universal elongated jacket. It can be a classic plain jacket with an elongated cut or a loose oversized blazer with a check print.

Suit with shorts or trouser

In the new spring-summer season, you cannot do without such a set of clothes as a trouser suit or an equally stylish option with shorts. The hit 2021-2022 has already been called a white trouser suit, but you can choose more saturated colors. A red, pink, orange suit with pants or shorts looks great.

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