A guide to the most fashionable coat with faux fur fall-winter

The trend towards sustainability and conscious consumption is gaining momentum with each new season. This winter, more and more brands began to abandon natural fur in favor of artificial fur, and streetstyle stars have been wearing only eco-faux fur teddy coat for more than one season. We suggest that you already start choosing a cute fluffy option for the winter. Among the current models in the brand collections are: oversized fur coats, elegant options for a belt, fluffy pairs, fur coats in animal print, short models, double-breasted coats and fur coats that resemble natural animal fur.


Oversize faux fur coat

The trend for loose and relaxed silhouettes is especially good when it comes to outerwear. We have already looked at how fashionable masculine coats look this winter, and now it's the turn to look at the girl faux fur coat, as if taken from a man's shoulder. The ultra-warm milky version of sheepskin confessed their love for a black model with a long nap, and also presented a soft short-nap fur coat with a long spectacular fringe.



ultra-warm-milky-version-of-faux-fur-coats-girlsUnder the belt faux fur coat

For girls who prefer elegant and feminine silhouettes with an accent on the waist, the designers offered girls faux fur coats with all kinds of belts: plaited like a tourniquet, wide belts with a noticeable buckle and thin leather options that perfectly contrast with a voluminous milk Cheburashka fur coat. Any of these options are trending this winter.

Fluffy faux fur coat

This winter, designers are giving another chance to fall in love with the voluminous Furry Faux Fur Coat. These models are especially good at mid-thigh length. In the new collections of designers, you can find eco-coats for every taste and color. The Furry Faux Fur Coat is a 1980s-style soft black fur with chunky shoulders that will easily become the centerpiece of a bourgeois look.


Furry Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur coat mini fur coats

Women's short faux fur coat, though not the most practical outerwear, nevertheless has its advantages. So, in a sheepskin coat made of faux fur, you can easily move around the city during the day, and in the evening, throw it over your shoulders over a dress. In addition, short fur coats allow you to show off a new skirt, trousers or jeans in the winter, while not taking off your outerwear.

Fashion Women Coat With Faux Fur

Faux fur coat leopard print

Among the abundance of all kinds of prints and shades, the leopard pattern remains one of the most coveted ornaments in the collections of the brands. From year to year, brands recall the classic feline color or offer new interpretations of leopard faux fur coats & jackets. This winter, designers have adorned faux fur coats with a leopard print.




Double-breasted faux fur coat

If your wardrobe consists mostly of business looks, then the best solution would be to add a fur double-breasted coat on top. A strict coat, made in the manner of a man's jacket, is easy to combine with trouser suits, elegant dresses, midi-length skirts and masculine shirts. It looks equally good with both trumpet boots and coarse boots with massive soles. Plus, outside of office hours, an oversized double-breasted coat is the perfect match for your favorite denim or leather ensembles.




Natural fur faux fur coat

If the desire to wear fur coats made of natural fur still remains, but still wants to keep up with fashion trends, we suggest choosing the most similar options to the fur of wild animals. So, an elegant faux fur coat from the Coats and Jackets collection is visually indistinguishable from a sable, and a snow-white sheepskin coat resembles a mink.