How to choose a matte lipstick? 3 rules

To find the perfect matte lipstick, take these professional tips.

  1. Keep in mind that dark matte lipsticks visually reduce lips, while light ones, on the contrary, add volume.
  2. Test the lipstick and make sure it applies easily and evenly, does not clog the folds of the lips and does not crack immediately after application.
  3. The shade of matte lipstick, like the color of any other cosmetic product, match your color type.
  4. If you have dark or tanned skin, give preference to shades with a warm undertone (brick, cherry), and for girls with porcelain skin, lipsticks with a cold undertone (raspberry, cranberry) are suitable.


We will tell you what to combine with bright matte lipsticks and what shades to choose in 2020.

Red lipstick

Matte lipstick always attracts attention, so it can be the only accent of your look. Bright matte lips plus perfect skin and neutral eye makeup is one of the trendiest combinations. Any red lipstick - scarlet, ruby, tomato - will look especially impressive in this case.

Red lipstick

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Pink lipstick

The most fashionable pink shade is fuchsia. And if you have already decided on such a bright color, go to the end! Complement the look with unusual eye makeup, such as at Concept Korea's Spring / Summer show. 

Berry lipstick

Girls with cold skin tone should give preference to raspberry lipstick, and dark and tanned - cherry. Try adding the same shade to the eyelids by pairing it with metallic eyeshadow.

Purple lipstick

Lilac or lilac matte lipstick beautifully accentuates your tan, making it ideal for summer. A combination with minimal eye makeup will also work flawlessly. Of course, provided that the tone is perfect: any bright lipstick (and matte in particular!) Emphasizes skin imperfections.

Orange lipstick

For a harmonious look with matte orange lipstick, use a blush of the same shade.


Three trendy dark shades to try on now.

Burgundy lipstick (wine, marsala)

Dark cherry, burgundy, plum or wine lipstick with a matte finish does not create such a dramatic effect as glossy, it looks aristocratic and noble. Perhaps this is why this lip makeup is more common on the red carpet. We take an example from Hollywood stars and models on the catwalk!

Black lipstick

For everyday make-up, matte black lipstick, of course, is not suitable, but for a thematic one - just right. Think about her when you come up with a look for Halloween.

Gray lipstick

The classic gray color is quite difficult to use in lip makeup if you are not a professional makeup artist, but the trendy taupe shade in matte finish will not let you down.

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