How To Shoot A Video Product Review For An Online Store

To date, not all online stores have video product reviews. Many people believe that a classic text description and high-quality photographs are enough for users to get a complete picture of it. But are they right? Even if their business generates a stable income, there is always room for improvement. Everyone knows how popular YouTube videos are. People not only love to watch them but also gladly share the videos they like with others. If you correctly shoot a video review of your product, then it can also gain many views and make you an excellent advertisement. Let's take a look at why videos are so popular with users and how to create an engaging product review.

What is the secret of the popularity of video clips

Why should a video review of a product be filmed at all? The fact is that the human brain is designed in such a way that it reacts completely differently to information received in different ways. And many will be much more willing to watch a video review than read the text.
Why is this happening:

  • Viewing is effortless;
  • Video is perceived more easily, as it is more emotional, and creates the effect of live communication;
  • Psychologists engaged in the theory of communication have found that a person remembers about 10% of the information from a reading text and up to 90% from a combination of audio + video.
  • Therefore, the video review is more understandable than the text;

From the video review, users receive more complete and detailed information about the properties of the product. So a video review of the product will undoubtedly serve you excellently. If you make an interesting video review and provide it with a link to your online store, users will begin to share it and the site visit will increase. Moreover, those who are interested in this product will come to you to purchase it. Having received detailed information, it will be much easier for people to make their choice, and the level of sales, and with it, your income will significantly increase.

Types of product video reviews

The general name "video review" means several types of videos:

  • Demonstration. Helps to give a more accurate picture of your product. If it is clothing or accessories, then the video will show how it all looks on a person in motion, complete with what looks most advantageous, etc. For equipment or equipment, you can make an overview of unpacking to show the complete set of the product, and talk about its main characteristics.
  • Expert review, or testing. It is desirable to remove it with the assistance of specialists. It is important that a person understands this product, and can professionally describe all its advantages, and give viewers useful advice.
  • Presentation. When launching a new product on sale, tell users about it using a video presentation. If such a product just appeared on the market, then the success of your review is guaranteed.
  • Advertising. Here you can turn on fantasy and play on people's emotions. Depending on the assortment, it can be a funny video or a small interesting story related to your product. 
Types of product video reviews
How to make a video review of a product correctly
You can invite specialists to shoot a video review, but if you wish, you can do it yourself. Of course, creating a good and effective video review will not be so easy, but at the same time it is not particularly difficult, and if you follow the basic rules of shooting, it is quite possible to do this. So, what you need to make a quality video review:
  • Scenario. To make the video interesting for users, you should start by thinking over the script. People can just read the instructions themselves, but for a video review, you need a concept, emotional coloring, and something that goes beyond the usual characteristics of the product. Moreover, you need to meet in the shortest possible time - long videos are tiring, and users may not watch them to the end.
  • Equipment. The picture must be of high quality, so it is better to shoot with professional equipment. A good digital camera mounted on a tripod, high-quality light, and a sensitive microphone will make your video review pleasant to watch. The same cannot be said about a video casually filmed on the phone, in which the image will blur and jump, and the sound will not be heard with sufficient clarity. It is not necessary to buy equipment for filming a video review - it can be rented.
  • Leading. The person who will represent your product must have excellent diction and a pleasant, disposed appearance. You can look for such people among your surroundings, or you can hire a professional announcer to record voice acting or a model to demonstrate clothes.
  • The shoot place. It is very important to choose the appropriate background on which the product will look the most advantageous.
  • Angle. You should shoot from different angles so that users can view the product in detail from all sides.
  • Installation. To do the editing, you can use the online editor on YouTube, or special editing programs. And do not forget to insert the logo or name of your online store into the picture and give a link to it at the end.
As you can see, there are no particular difficulties here, and it is quite possible to make a good video review. If you are not sure that you can cope with any of the stages of creating a video review on your own, then it is better to contact the experts on this issue. It will cost you less than outsource all the work to them.