Matte lipsticks: beauty dossier

How to choose, apply and wash off, which shades to try in 2020: the most important thing about matte lipsticks - in this article

Beauty fans liked matte textures back in the mid-1980s, but the real boom began a couple of years ago. And today matte lipsticks are almost more popular than glossy ones. It's time to learn how to use them correctly.


Four essential factors to know about matte lipsticks.

  1. Any lipstick is based on waxes, oils and coloring pigments, but in the composition of matte, the percentage of wax is higher, and the percentage of oils is lower.
  2. Matte lipstick contains more silicon dioxide than glossy or creamy ones. It is this component that provides the lips with that very matte effect, absorbing excess moisture and sebum.
  3. Due to its composition, matte lipsticks often dry out lips. But many brands today solve this problem by adding vitamins and emollients to the composition, increasing the percentage of oils.
  4. Lipsticks with a matte texture can look different on the lips. So, matte lipstick can leave an absolute dry finish on the lips or provide a light satin finish - you can see the difference in the photo below.

Benefits of matte lipsticks

Top three reasons why you should try matte lipstick.

Higher durability

  1. Matte lipsticks don't wear off as quickly. If a layer of glossy lipstick has to be renewed after each meal, then matte lipstick will survive breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Matte lipstick does not run
  3. The product literally “freezes” on the lips: you don't have to check every half hour to see if the lipstick has spread. Tints have the same property, but matte lipsticks also provide a really bright shade.
  4. The color of the stick matches the real shade of the lipstick
  5. When it comes to glossy lipstick, you can never say for sure exactly how the shade will look on the lips. In the case of matte, the whole truth is outward: the color that remains on the lips will not be strikingly different from the declared one.


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