3 Expert-Recommended Secrets to Looking Younger

No one will guess how old you really are.

Any woman can hide her true age at no additional cost. Secrets to Looking Younger is to develop good habits.

Old age is a myth, and we can easily maintain attractiveness, taking minimal care of ourselves. What beauty habits should firmly enter our lives by the age of 30–40:

1. Allow enough sleep time

Normal sleep helps slow down the appearance of wrinkles. Adequate sleep prevents dehydration and promotes collagen production. The skin looks more firm and elastic, the complexion is leveled. During sleep, blood flow increases, which significantly improves skin color.

A full sleep helps prevent the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes. After resting, the necessary amount of oxygen enters the skin cells with blood and metabolic processes improve. Especially the lack of night rest affects people who have pale skin caused by a hereditary predisposition or lack of melanin.

Studies have shown that if you regularly sleep at night for no more than 5 hours, you may soon have 2 times more wrinkles than with a night sleep for 7-9 hours. That is how many experts recommend an adult to sleep.

2. Follow your posture

In our body, all muscles are interconnected. Therefore, any violations of posture cause negative changes in the face. The second chin appears as a result of raised shoulders and an extended neck, wrinkles around the mouth occur when the shoulders are tight, hollow breasts contribute to the development of nasolabial folds, and wrinkles around the eyes are a result of overstrain of the buttocks muscles.

In case of problems with posture, no cosmetic procedures will give results, in extreme cases it will be short-lived. If such changes have already affected you, you should start your morning with special exercises. You can also purchase a posture corrector.

3. Drink coffee with water

In self-respecting coffee houses, a glass of water is necessarily served along with coffee. This tradition came to us from the ancient East and has been preserved, thanks to its practical importance. Coffee really needs to be washed down with water, and not only in order to fully reveal its taste. The fact is that, having a diuretic effect, the drink removes fluid from the body.

With its frequent use, the face acquires a tired look, bags and bruises appear under the eyes, the skin becomes dry and sagging, cellulite develops in the thigh area.

Plain water after a cup of coffee helps to replenish the lost fluid and prevent the development of negative processes on the skin. Also, water will protect tooth enamel from the pigment contained in coffee beans. And your teeth will keep their whiteness longer.

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