Sweater - What To Wear And How To Choose

A sweater is one of the most practical and comfortable things for the autumn-winter period. In addition, with the help of this basic element of the wardrobe, you can make the image more diverse and interesting, add style, zest. However, not every girl knows how to choose the right sweater.
How to wear a long oversized sweater
The fact is that the variety of styles, colors and materials for making sweaters is amazing, and the designers are not going to stop there. The types of women's sweaters are increasing every year. But what kind of sweaters to wear to be in trend? What to combine them with? Read this article.

How to wear an oversized chunky knit sweater

What To Wear A Bulky Sweater With?

Such a sweater is characterized by a wide cut, large size, simplicity, loose cut. If you are a rather fragile girl who likes to look gentle and graceful, you should pay attention to leather shorts, a pencil skirts, leggings.

The girl is wearing a beige chunky knit oversized sweater
What can I wear with a long oversized sweater? For a feminine look, suede boots and a beige coat are suitable. But Chelsea, Cossacks, massive sneakers will make the image more daring and sporty. Also, oversized sweaters are worn over delicate dresses, it looks stylish and unusual.
The girl put on a green oversized sweater
What can I wear with an oversized chunky knit sweater? Pay attention to the flared miniskirts, which visually lengthen the legs and accentuate them. Also, some girls don't understand how to wear a sweater over a dress. This combination is relevant and stylish. A sweater in pastel colors will balance the look, you can choose rough boots with thick soles and laces or chunky sneakers. What to wear with an oversized sweater photo. 

beige oversized sweater with neckline

With What To Wear A Womens Throat Sweater?

A sweater with a neckline will be an indispensable item for your winter wardrobe, because it guarantees warmth and creates comfort. Depending on the model, you can choose clothes in completely different styles. What can I wear with an oversized sweater with a throat?
White oversized sweater with a throat
If it's cropped / mid-thigh, go for tight jeans or leggings. Don't be afraid to visually add extra volume to your figure - choose boyfriends or straight jeans with a mid-rise. What can I wear with a voluminous sweater with a throat and mid-thigh length? This model can be used as a dress, advice - choose a woolen product. Choose a trendy short jacket in white and brutal boots with thick soles.
Gray sweater with a throat combined with a loose white skirt
What to wear with a fitted sweater with a throat? Thin sweaters are suitable for autumn, and in order not to merge with the general grayness of the streets, choose bright things with unusual prints and styles. Checkered skirts are a great option, mini, midi length, with a wrap and flounces - everything will do this fall.
The girl is wearing a voluminous white sweater with a throat
What to wear with a white sweater with a throat. Masculine style is in trend, so pay attention to suits, and especially to jackets of different colors. Monochrome sets are also relevant, and if you want to stand out, choose an asymmetric or deconstructed jacket. A white thin sweater with a throat will perfectly fit into such a bow.

gray glencheck suit

With What To Wear Womens Hooded Sweater?

The sweater's best friend this season is the coat:

longline blue hooded sweater

There are no bans, the main thing is to choose the right sweater, and in order not to be mistaken, choose nude colors. Also, sweaters with a hood are worn under voluminous short jackets, not forgetting about massive sneakers and straight jeans. What can I wear with a cropped Patchwork Hooded Sweater? The most practical option is jeans with a high or medium rise. If the sweater is not bulky, you can wear a trouser suit or tailored trousers.

White oversized cropped sweater with hood and slogan

Sweaters with a collar can not only diversify your look, but also warm you during cold weather. A properly chosen collar can emphasize your neck, make your face visually thinner and hide imperfections. Read about the types of sweater necks and what to wear with a knitted sweater with a collar below.

gray hooded sweater, light brown plaid coat

It is a wrapped long collar that emphasizes the neck and looks great with oversized sweaters. The style allows you to combine this element with casual and formal styles. Suitable for girls with the type of figure "apple", "pear". Natural and artificial materials are used in the manufacture.
The girl is wearing a gray oversized sweater with a collar
What can I wear with a white oversized sweater with a cowl? Such a model is very often chosen by women of fashion for everyday walks, wearing leather leggings, skinny or insulated tights, not forgetting about warm and comfortable shoes - ugg boots, boots, boots. This image will emphasize your femininity and tenderness.

Oversized coffee knitted sweater with boat collar

A delicate and graceful collar, which fully or partially opens the shoulders, favorably emphasizes their grace. The depth and length varies depending on the style. Can be worn both for work, for a walk, and for a solemn event. Suitable for almost all girls, with the exception of those with wide shoulders and a very short neck.
The girl is wearing a soft pink knitted sweater with patterns and a cutout
If you are wondering how to wear a sweater with a skirt, the boat style is a great option. The feminine model looks flawless with different skirts: leather pleated, check mini skirt, pencil skirt. A new trend is knitted skirts that look as gentle and comfortable as possible. It is better to combine with a knitted sweater.
The girl chose a coffee-colored oversized sweater
How to wear a sweater with jeans? Thanks to the graceful boat collar, you can create a beautiful look by choosing skinny jeans or straight blue jeans and choosing pumps / high-heeled boots. The image should be supplemented with a clutch, bag.

oversized black chunky neck sweater

Voluminous collars never lose their relevance, because they help you look stylish and warm in cold weather. Popular models are oversized with an openwork pattern. What can I wear with a long sweater with a voluminous collar? With dresses. Many people don't understand how to wear a dress with a sweater. However, this combination is stylish and relevant. Especially if your dress is made of light and airy fabrics, and a sweater with a chunky knit.
Beige oversized sweater with oversized collar
What can I wear with a short sweater with a voluminous collar? Boyfriends, mommies, straight jeans are a great option; for a complete grunge look, choose rough boots or sneakers, an oversized leather jacket. Complement the outfit with narrow rectangular glasses, a backpack.