Turtleneck - what to wear, how to choose

What item should every girl have, regardless of her overall style of clothing? Of course, this is a turtleneck - a basic wardrobe item that suits any look. This piece is the basis of a basic laconic image, a connecting element in a bright daring outfit, a gentle addition to a feminine graceful look.

In the article, you will learn what types of women's turtlenecks exist, how to choose them correctly, how beautiful to wear a turtleneck. We'll also talk about the different combinations. A turtleneck can be paired with anything from a classic pencil dress to sweatpants. But what is the correct way to wear a women's turtleneck so that it looks harmonious with the rest of the clothes? Find out further.

Types of Turtlenecks

The variety of shapes and textures allows you to choose a turtleneck for every taste and preference. The most famous style of turtleneck is with long sleeves and high neck, used in cold times. Bright catchy colors, unusual prints will become the main element in your look, and monochrome models in pastel shades will help to create a laconic outfit.

A turtleneck bodysuit is considered a popular and fairly comfortable style. This model can be with long sleeves - an option for cool weather, and with short - an element of the summer look. The turtleneck body provides freedom of movement, adds elegance to the silhouette, and visually adjusts the figure. The most popular style of knitwear turtleneck is a dress-shaped turtleneck. It is self-sufficient, because such a dress can be worn with tights, excluding a skirt or trousers. It is worth noting that such a tight-fitting model will suit girls with a slender figure. 

In summer and spring, turtlenecks with short sleeves and a neckline will be relevant. Open arms and a long neck add charm to the girl, make her look sleeker and sexier. Often, the cut is complemented by a drop-shaped cut, a heart on the chest, transparent inserts or mesh. But for severe cold weather, a thermal jersey is suitable, which has an average neck height and increased resistance to cold.

 Turtleneck Materials

When choosing a turtleneck, you should pay special attention to the material from which it is made. Products are made from natural and synthetic fabrics, differing in quality, density and appearance. Main types of materials:
  1. jersey
  2. fine wool
  3. cashmere
  4. guipure
  5. Boston
  6. viscose
  7. acrylic

How to Choose a Turtleneck

Choosing a turtleneck is not so difficult, because this is a basic thing, and besides, it is a must-have that suits everyone. It is worth paying attention to some details. Since the turtleneck fits snugly to the body, you need to choose high-quality materials: natural or blended. In this case, it is better to pay more, but feel comfortable and pleasant.

How to choose a quality turtleneck? First of all, you should pay attention to the label, which indicates the composition of the fabric. The main rule is to avoid 100% synthetics that look cheap and have poor performance. Buy turtlenecks that have a 20:80 synthetic to natural ratio. Do not forget about the seams - they should look neat, the lines should be straight.

How to choose a complete women's turtleneck? If your figure is not perfect, you should not give up such a feminine and stylish element. Just pick up a turtleneck of a more relaxed style, from dense materials, large knitting. Turtlenecks are suitable for thin girls, either fitted or not. But keep in mind that thin jersey will look cheap, add extra pounds to absolutely everyone. Another plus of the turtleneck, which refers to girls with different figures, is the additional volume in the chest, which this model visually creates.

Pay attention to the collar of the neck, because it can visually enlarge the face. Which turtleneck to choose for girls with a long neck and a thin triangular, oval face? You can take a closer look at turtlenecks with a long collar that fits tightly around the neck. Otherwise, it is worth choosing a free gate, or completely abandon it. To stretch the neck, add accessories: round earrings, a long chain in a minimalist style.


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What color of the turtleneck to choose? Pay attention to several factors:

face color type
other colors of clothes
style that appeals to you
For representatives of a deep color type, turtlenecks of a deep dark color, saturated bright: wine, marsala, burgundy, sky blue, emerald, cyclomene, grape will be suitable. Girls with a light color type should give preference to light neutral shades: gray-brown, beige, lilac, brown-beige.

How to choose the right turtleneck for a bright color type? Take a closer look at bright, pure shades: green, yellow, blue. Do not exclude cold shades: charcoal gray, periwinkle, anthracite. Unclear complex shades are suitable for a soft color type: gray-blue, cocoa, oat color.

If you are creating a classic look, then take a closer look at basic colors such as black, white, beige, in nude shades. Such turtlenecks will look concise and restrained. Of course, these shades are suitable for any look, because they are basic. But to create a bright unusual bow that will attract the attention of passers-by, you should choose bright colors, you can even neon ones, or focus on a throw, stand-out print.

How to choose a turtleneck by size, basic rules:

determine your clothing size
take into account the fact that the styles of the turtleneck fit the body tightly: if in doubt about the size, then choose the one that is larger
if you buy a turtleneck on the Internet, then check the compliance with the manufacturer's size chart
pay attention to the material: information can be found in the product description

What to wear with a turtleneck

Girls often think about what to wear a turtleneck with, how to create stylish combinations. The advantage of a turtleneck is that it is a basic base that you can wear with all your clothes and create completely different looks.

If you don't know what to wear with a women's turtleneck, then wear straight jeans, leather boots and a leather jacket - a win-win for a casual look. A monochromatic turtleneck in pastel shades, black looks elegant with a pencil skirt, sheath dress. Complementing such an image with laconic accessories, you can safely go to work or a business meeting. What to wear with a turtleneck, photo examples of fashionable outfits.
Vintage Suede Skirt

How unusual and stylish to wear a turtleneck. Try to combine them with suits of completely different colors and styles, thanks to modern designers, choosing the right model will not be difficult. Wear a bright neon turtleneck with a cute tweed suit: a mini skirt and an oversized jacket, or choose a monochrome bright pantsuit with a basic black turtleneck. How to wear a turtleneck sexy and feminine? You can get away from the costumes, and pay attention to sexy velvet dresses: tight-fitting mini lengths, loose midi on thin straps. Opt for deep cool shades for a sleek, chic look.
Cold weather is not a reason to give up a turtleneck, you just have to pick up dense fabrics that warm in cold weather. What to wear with a turtleneck in winter to stay stylish and bright? Following the main trends of street style fashionistas, choose voluminous short down jackets, bright saturated colors that can dispel urban grayness and lack of sun. Choose from violet, fuchsia, bright orange, fiery, hot pink, barbie. An excellent addition to a warm turtleneck will be voluminous warmed jeans, trousers.

With what to wear a turtleneck for a woman to look chic and irresistible. Wear a tight-fitting model with a loose flowing midi-length skirt, trousers or straight-cut jeans, and a dress with thin straps. It is worth remembering the basic rule - if the turtleneck fits the body tightly, then the bottom should be chosen more freely, or add a shirt / outerwear on top. It can be an oversized jacket, which is also a must-have, an oversized shirt made of thick materials, a denim jacket or a leather jacket. 
Designers unanimously declare that the trend is a combination of knitwear, so if you didn't know what to wear with a knitted turtleneck, then try wearing a knitted midi-length pencil skirt in pastel shades. In this case, the turtleneck should not be too tight on the body. If you are afraid of experimentation, or prefer calm, discreet clothes, then choose concise models. What to wear with basic turtlenecks:

  • With straight jeans in blue, blue, gray, white.
  • With straight mini skirts.
  • With loose, flying midi skirts.
  • With sundresses with straps, with a deep neckline.
  • With a pencil skirt below the knee.
These combinations are perfect for any occasion.