How To Wear a Turtleneck With a Skirt, Pants, and Dress

Can you wear a turtleneck with a mini skirt? Some girls doubt this combination, as a tight-fitting turtleneck can look gone with a skirt that is too short. In this case, it is worth picking up an elongated straight-cut jacket, as long as the skirt itself or a little shorter. Choose shoes to your taste: for an elegant festive look - sandals with thin high heels, pumps with a pointed toe, for everyday outfit - leather black Cossacks, ankle boots with an animal print, martins, laconic sneakers.

The girl is wearing a thin white turtleneck, a light brown Burberry check suit: a straight elongated jacket, a straight mini skirt with a black leather belt. The look is complemented by a long thin chain and a black clutch bag.

Straight short skirts in bright prints and colors can be combined with a basic black, white, beige turtleneck. In trend: zebra print in different shades, muted leopard, tartan, glencheck, chevron. For such a look, pick up bright boots with a crocodile print, zebra, ankle socks in saturated colors, massive sneakers.

With what skirt to wear a black turtleneck. Denim skirts in different shades look stylish with black turtlenecks. Do not choose boring styles, wrap-around skirt, ribbons, lacing, fringe - they will help brighten the gray everyday life. The look will be complemented by a bright shirt worn over a turtleneck, accessories.

A black, tight-fitting turtleneck paired with a leopard-print denim dark brown mini skirt and fitted suede over the knee over the knee boots with heels and lace-ups. The image is complemented by accessories: a black clutch bag, black glasses and a chain.

The girl is wearing a thin black turtleneck, a light blue denim mini skirt with a black leather belt, tight black tights.

Let's figure out how to wear a turtleneck with a pencil skirt. If you are going to the office, for a business meeting, then choose a mid-length pencil skirt in muted cold, pastel shades, black, gray colors. A free turtleneck with a collar in white, milky, light brown shades is suitable for such an elegant element. To make the look not boring, you can choose shoes with heels in bright colors, accessories in a minimalist style, for example, a silk scarf, a chain, wear a jacket or cardigan.

The girl is wearing a loose black turtleneck with a throat, a satin pencil skirt below the knee and with a leopard print, a black belt clutch bag.

Black check turtleneck combined with a blue check pencil skirt below the knee, high black socks, heeled ankle boots with a pointed toe, belt bag.

With what skirt to wear a turtleneck in summer? In hot, sunny weather, choose slim sleeveless turtlenecks or cropped versions. Short bright skirts with a variegated print, long white skirts with a deep cut in the front, denim loose skirts with a high waist are perfect for such models. Shoes can be different: elegant mules with a pointed toe, braided sandals with a reference to the nautical theme, graceful sandals with thin heels.
How To Wear a Women's Turtleneck With a Midi & Maxi Skirt. A light free skirt made of flowing midi / maxi fabrics with flounces, ruffles can be combined with a turtleneck in pastel shades. Opt for skirts with floral prints that look incredibly delicate. The look will be complemented by a bag of an unusual shape: a saddle, a hobo, a pouch, accessories: tiered chains, chain necklaces, spherical earrings, ear cuffs.

Combine tight knitted and classic maxi-length pencil skirts with bright turtlenecks that do not fit the body tightly, an unusual bright print is possible, mesh inserts. Such styles diversify the look, add zest.

How to wear a turtleneck with jeans

You can't think of a more popular and basic combination than a turtleneck with jeans. For girls, it has become a tradition for such a combination as light blue / blue straight jeans with a medium waist and a black turtleneck with a collar. However, this is far from the only combination that will look stylish and beautiful.

How to wear a turtleneck with jeans for a girl to be in trend? Opt for the mid-rise blue flare jeans that came straight from the 1990s. Accentuated jeans with a black leather belt, choose a tight turtleneck, if you have abs, you can experiment with cropped models. Also look at color-block jeans, which will look interesting with a turtleneck with a turtleneck.

Do not forget about light-colored jeans - straight and tight, white, milky, light beige, with straps, buttons, fringe and very minimalistic - they are all perfect for a thin turtleneck in bright colors. You can wear it with a beige trench coat below the knee, a long cashmere coat, a short voluminous down jacket, a sheepskin coat or a denim jacket.

The girl is wearing a black turtleneck with a voluminous neck, white bell-bottomed jeans, boots with a crocodile print with high thick heels, a dark blue oversized maxi coat, black square glasses.

Girls often do not know with which jeans to wear a turtleneck in bright colors so that it looks harmonious together. Do not be afraid to experiment, try to combine clothes in an unusual way to find exactly what you need. You can wear regular black straight jeans, but you can also choose blue jeans that seem to be several sizes larger, bleached denim with decorative buttons, dummy jeans, constructors. Such images look rebelliously dazzling and irresistible.

The girl is wearing a bright neon turtleneck with a collar, a gray checkered long jacket with accordion sleeves,

On a breezy summer evening, go for a cropped long-sleeved turtleneck, chunky, light-colored mid-rise jeans and chunky sneakers. This look is perfect for walking and meeting friends. You can also choose jeans in the patchwork style, and if you are the owner of a slim figure, then do not forget about skinny, but then you should not wear an overly tight turtleneck. 

How to wear a turtleneck with pants

A turtleneck with trousers can have different variations - look elegant and emphasize the main advantages of the figure, be in the main trends of street style fashionistas. Let's figure out how to wear a turtleneck with trousers to create a variety of outfits.

The girl is wearing a thin white turtleneck without a collar and with wide sleeves, brown corduroy banana trousers with a high gathered waist and a belt, white sneakers.

In autumn, corduroy trousers will diversify your wardrobe, the main thing is to avoid skinny pants, which will not look like a tight turtleneck. Choose warm shades of turmeric, cinnamon and nutmeg - all in the main traditions of autumn. You can choose a turtleneck both in bright yellow and calm beige. Wear huge coats, as if several sizes larger, sheepskin coats with fur, leather jackets.

How To Wear a Turtleneck With Knit Pants? High-quality knitwear will help you feel comfortable, fashionable, and warm you in the cold. Designers advise choosing jersey or cashmere turtlenecks in a similar color scheme. Pair with comfortable shoes for the most relaxed look.

Let's figure out how to wear a turtleneck with trousers to the office. Take a closer look at the classic arrow models. This style visually lengthens the legs, gives elegance and severity. Depending on the season and mood, trousers can be of different colors: black, gray, white, plaid and plain. Choose a simple light turtleneck, patent pumps, cashmere or knitted cozy cardigan, a stylish bag.
A beige ribbed bodycon turtleneck paired with a black straight blazer and classic bodycon black pants.
Banana trousers - widened at the hips and narrow at the bottom will help to make the office look more interesting; a wide belt of the same color and material will help to emphasize the waist. Also in trend are tapered trousers of length 7-8 with a high waist. The turtleneck can be with or without a collar, in pastel shades. A laconic straight-cut jacket will help to dilute tight-fitting things. 

Dark brown turtleneck with a neckline and cutouts on the chest paired with light straight leather pants

Black and white tight-fitting turtleneck combined with a chain, leather black straight-leg trousers with a high gathered waist and a belt

The girl is wearing a thin white turtleneck, mustard-colored bolognese pants, an oversized midi-length jacket

How to wear a turtleneck with a sundress

Sundresses add special tenderness, femininity and attractiveness to many girls. For some reason, for many, these clothes are considered exclusively a summer wardrobe item. However, putting on a sundress with a turtleneck, you can create not only a summer, but also a stylish autumn / winter look. Let's figure out such a combination - a turtleneck with a sundress: how to wear and combine stylishly.

Let's talk about fashionable winter looks combined with a sundress. Most often, designers create this piece of clothing from thin flowing fabrics. For cold and snowy weather, it is worth choosing sundresses made of thick woolen fabrics that will be able to warm in winter. A thick cashmere or wool turtleneck with a turtleneck is perfect for this option. If you want to diversify your look in this gray weather, you should take a closer look at bright colors, in which case it is better to choose a sundress in calm cold shades. Wear warm, thick black tights, delicate leather boots, or rough boots. A warm oversized coat or a sheepskin coat with a fur collar is ideal for such an look.

The girl is wearing a light pink turtleneck with decorated sleeves, a soft beige sundress with pink straps below the knee.

How to wear a turtleneck with a sundress in cool weather. In autumn and spring, you can wear mega stylish mini-length sundresses. They will favorably emphasize the length of your legs, add sexuality and charm. If the sundress is bright colors, then choose a calmer turtleneck to calm the look. Wear a stylish oversized biker jacket, a long cashmere coat, choose ankle boots with thick high heels, martins. Diversify your look with fashion accessories.
The girl is wearing a black basic turtleneck, a gray wrap sundress with white buttons and a square neckline, black leather lace-up boots.
But in the summer, wear light, delicate sundresses with cropped sleeveless turtlenecks. Choose the color scheme according to your mood: it can be a feminine ribbed turtleneck in muted red shades, a basic black or white, a pale pink sundress with a floral motley print, or a black, emerald, brown sundress made of velvet or cashmere.
Black turtleneck with a collar combined with a white sundress with a horizontal gray strip,
Strict classic sundresses with a tight pencil skirt in combination with basic turtlenecks look elegant and graceful. If you create an office look, choose a fitted turtleneck, black classic sundress, pumps and a satchel bag. Notes of charm will add a more interesting combination: red and black, pink and blue, yellow and black.

How to wear a dress with a turtleneck

Designers unanimously declare that you can wear a dress with a turtleneck. This will help diversify the look, make you stand out from the gray mass, add style and creativity to your outfit. A light satin dress, a sweater dress made of warm dense materials, a classic dress will do. Note that the total look visually slims and lengthens, so do not be afraid to wear a turtleneck to match the color of the dresses, but ruffles and the wave, on the contrary, give additional volumes - owners of curvaceous forms should abandon this option.
The girl is wearing a brown turtleneck with a high collar, a light brown silk maxi dress with a deep neckline and a brown belt
First, let's figure out how to wear a turtleneck with a sleeveless dress. Combine light dresses from flowing fabrics with floral prints, geometric patterns, in pastel delicate shades with a thin white turtleneck without a voluminous collar, delicate sophisticated shoes will look favorably with such clothes. On a cool evening, you can wear a light denim jacket, cardigan, jacket. For a social event, wear a black turtleneck, red satin dress, and thin-heeled sandals.
The girl is wearing a white turtleneck with a collar, a white dress with horizontal blue midi-length stripes, with a slit in the front,
Sleeveless dresses made of dense fabrics: wool, leatherette, jacquard, corduroy, tweed are suitable for cold weather. In this case, choose thick turtlenecks with a collar in dark colors. This combination is incredibly beneficial - you can wear your favorite dress, but at the same time stay warm. Combine with thick black / gray tights, suede over the knee boots, rough ankle boots, ankle boots. Choose outerwear depending on the general style of the look: a beige cashmere coat, a leather sheepskin coat, a bulky jacket.

Black bodycon turtleneck combined with a silk red dress below the knee and with thin straps

Can a turtleneck be worn with a maxi dress? Of course, feel free to choose light straight dresses below the ankle length, made of silk, satin, chintz. If the dress is bright, then choose a restrained monochromatic turtleneck, and you can wear bright golf under a laconic calm dress. You can wear stiletto sandals, patent leather pumps, mules - creating an elegant look, massive sneakers, boots with thick rubberized soles - for everyday outfit.
The girl is wearing a black turtleneck with a long collar, a white maxi-length shirt dress with a slit in the front and a thin black belt
It is worth figuring out how to wear a turtleneck under a dress to look irresistible at events. For special occasions, choose shiny, flowing fabrics: silk, satin, corduroy, which look elegant and beautiful. The dress can be of different lengths, if you are the owner of long, straight legs, then put on a fitted mini, but remember that the length of the maxi always gives a touch of charm. A turtleneck made of velvet, lurex, or decorated with rhinestones, pearls, with puffy sleeves and an unusual collar, and vice versa - wear a basic plain turtleneck with bright dresses. 

The girl is wearing a black basic turtleneck with a collar, a burgundy satin dress with knee-length straps,

A black sheer collarless turtleneck paired with a bold mini sequin cocktail dress.

The girl is wearing a white semi-transparent turtleneck with sequins without a collar and with loose sleeves, a short dress in sequins, without sleeves.