Face skin care in the cold season

Sharp changes in temperature indoors and outdoors, frosty air and strong gusts of wind negatively affect the condition of the sensitive skin of the face, which needs special care with the onset of cold weather. Simple but effective tips for protection from adverse natural conditions will help to solve seasonal problems with the face.

First of all, it should be noted that, unfortunately, there is no one ideal remedy that would make up a full-fledged facial skin care in winter. Therefore, the approach to the problem must be comprehensive. So, for example, for long walks in the frosty air, you should choose a Facial Cream Hyaluronic with a high degree of fat content. Such products have a special warming protective film and prevent dryness. But for warm rooms, such products are not suitable, since it will be almost impossible to make perfect makeup when using fatty creams.


Home skin care during the cold season includes treatments such as moisturizing and nourishing masks. They will help eliminate dryness and flaking, as well as improve its condition thanks to the vitamin components that make up such funds.

The main problem with skin in winter is dehydration. This can lead to loss of elasticity, wrinkles and noticeable pallor. Skin care that includes moisturizers will help cope with the negative effects. Masks are recommended to be done two to three times a week. You can buy ready-made products, but homemade mixes are also popular. In some cases, they are even effective ready-made cosmetic masks from different companies. If we are talking about a gel or tonic, then they should be used daily. As for the cream, it should be applied no later than an hour before going out and half an hour before applying makeup.

Another important item that is included in winter skin care is cleansing. To do this, you need to choose such cosmetics as milk or gel foam. However, sour cream, kefir or milk with a high percentage of fat, mixed with vegetable (but better with olive) oil, can be an alternative substitute. Ready-made or self-prepared products are applied to the face with a thin layer, and then removed with a cotton pad and a little warm water.


In the cold period, it is especially not recommended to wash with soap. As it dries out the skin, which leads to even more problems. Make-up is best removed with special cosmetics.

Taking care of your face in winter also means taking care of the most sensitive area - the lips. It is the skin of the lips that is most susceptible to the negative effects of frost. Therefore, at the time of cold weather, you should choose a more oily lipstick, and also use a Moisturizing Vitamin E Lip Balm.