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6 differences in women's pantsuits

It must be understood that the differences in women's clothing are due not only to a sense of style. There are tons of other factors that shape wardrobe and fashion habits. These include climate, health, place of work and, of course, love of comfort. We have different understanding of this very comfort. This means that what seems incredibly convenient in the south may not suit fashionistas from the north of the United States at all.

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What clothes will we wear in 2021? Review of fashion trends

Many fashion critics and magazines say that the concept of trends is outdated. But at the same time, when the time comes, they discuss what will be fashionable in the near future. Because trends are guidelines that make it easier to choose. has reviewed dozens of displays and reports to select trends for 2021. The good news: almost everything that was relevant last year will remain so in 2021. New trends have also appeared: for example, mini-skirts, forgotten recently, and pale pink, which is associated with the glamorous 2000s.

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