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We make a luxurious Christmas tree from balls with our own hands for the New Year 2021: a step-by-step master class

It is impossible to imagine celebrating Christmas and New Year without a Christmas tree, especially if there are children in your family who are waiting with trepidation for miracles and gifts from Santa Claus. Modern designers and craftsmen offer many options for creating a Christmas tree without using a living tree and without even resorting to artificial imitation.

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19 ways to decorate your home with garlands (19 photos)

Decorate the curtains above the bed with garlands for sweet dreams Try strings of small LED bulbs - they won't overload the canopy.  Or attach string lights to the back of the canopy to create soft light You can hang garlands on the canopy frame - this creates a special mood before bed. This design trick will make your white walls look more attractive without being overwhelmed by paintings and photographs. If you have a bunk bed, hang your bulbs so that they hang from the upper bed Use a garland to highlight the wall Or unscrew a few light bulbs from the garland and light up the rest of the paintings or photographs If you don't want to use...

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How to decorate a house with garlands

Christmas and New Year are wonderful holidays when everyone awaits miracles with special trepidation and believes that everything will be fine. And in order to enhance the state of the holiday or keep it as long as possible, it is worth decorating the house with garlands.

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