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Everyone keeps on going crazy for Baby Yoda

"If he dies, we will rebel": Everyone continues to go crazy for Baby Yoda Little Yoda appeared at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian and instantly became a favorite of the audience. Now in the bars they make “Baby Yoda” cocktails, bake Christmas cookies in the form of it and issue T-shirts. An unofficial merchandise with mini Yoda appeared immediately after the first episode of The Mandalore. Craftsmen sell handmade toys and sweaters, and online stores offer stickers, cards and sweatshirts with a green cutie. But on the eve of the final series of the first season of “The Mandalorian”, the t-shirt looks best. Plush Baby Yoda Disney opened a pre-order for the long-awaited toys in the...

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Looking slimmer in clothes

The Barbie doll figure is no longer the ideal as it has been before. Moreover, every built with bigger proportions and size can easily be considered perfect and valuable. Fashion houses and famous couturiers work on collections for king-size models. Creating wardrobe carefully helps even people with non-standard parameters to look stylish and fashionable. Secrets of looking slimmer in clothes. Secret 1: Focus on texture We recommend to choose dense, not tight-fitting fabrics with a vertical print or stripes. They will make the silhouette taller. Draped materials are great at hiding the weakest points of the figure. Secret 2: Play with colors Emphasize the advantages of the figure with clothes of light colors and distract the eye from the disadvantages...

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Dream dress for a narrow waist: slimming models

Dresses help women to look feminine and charming. And it’s so simple to look slimmer if you choose them carefully! What models are desirable to visually correct the figure and make it appear slimmer? Straight cut dress Midi, with ruffles or lace, of any color, with decorative inserts and details — there are so many different variants! The dress of this style will hide the disadvantages of the hips and waist. It’s a great choice for any occasion. Dress with V-shaped neckline The cut visually makes the silhouette taller and the figure more harmonious. Maxi dress These models are usually made of light flattering fabrics. They make the whole look slimmer, almost weightless and very graceful. You can choose a...

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Recommendations on flawless style

The proverb states: «First you judge 'how nice', then you judge 'how wise'», which means everybody pays attention to our appearance. Sooner or later all of us start taking other people’s opinion into consideration, even if we don’t want to look stylish. Celebrations, formal meetings, dates and parties are just several occasions when you need to be dressed up in an appropriate way. Let’s figure out how to look perfect without spending a fortune on clothes. High-quality handbag It should be firm, made of a high-quality material (not necessarily leather) and accessories. You don’t have to change handbags all the time if you are not a fashion-blogger creating various looks. Two or three all-purpose handbags will serve you faithfully much...

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Use skirts to make the legs look longer

A skirt, which is an ordinary and even everyday part of a woman’s wardrobe, helps to emphasize femininity and sexuality. In addition, it’s a great choice in case you need to hide the drawbacks of the figure and draw attention to its advantages. Asymmetric skirts  This cut of skirts looks unusual and feminine and even makes the legs look much longer if worn together with high-heeled shoes. The length of the skirt may differ – from mini to the models reaching the middle of the tight or knees. Maxi skirts Such a model of a light, flattering fabric matched with graceful high-heeled shoes is a perfect choice in case you want to create an elegant and tender outfit, making the...

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