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Medical masks - new fashion attribute

Fashion is sensitive to what is happening in the world. In the past few years, environmental problems, strikes, crises of various sizes have rained down on people. It is no coincidence that, thanks to recent shows, a stable image of a modern fashionistas has been formed: gender-neutral, clad in leather, in a voluminous, broad-shouldered coat in the spirit of Balenciaga, in massive boots. In the designer’s hyperbolic fantasies, this is the only way to survive.

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Cancel Fashion Weeks: COVID-19 puts off fun

Just yesterday, European boutiques lined up for handbags, and today the streets are empty. How long universal quarantine will last is unclear. The fashion industry around the world is panicking no less than people checking the number of infected COVID-19 every day. The abolition of Fashion Weeks, the cessation of production, the closure of stores - what is happening in the fashion sector now and what will it result in for us, buyers?

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Everyone keeps on going crazy for Baby Yoda

"If he dies, we will rebel": Everyone continues to go crazy for Baby Yoda Little Yoda appeared at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian and instantly became a favorite of the audience. Now in the bars they make “Baby Yoda” cocktails, bake Christmas cookies in the form of it and issue T-shirts. An unofficial merchandise with mini Yoda appeared immediately after the first episode of The Mandalore. Craftsmen sell handmade toys and sweaters, and online stores offer stickers, cards and sweatshirts with a green cutie. But on the eve of the final series of the first season of “The Mandalorian”, the t-shirt looks best. Plush Baby Yoda Disney opened a pre-order for the long-awaited toys in the...

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Looking slimmer in clothes

The Barbie doll figure is no longer the ideal as it has been before. Moreover, every built with bigger proportions and size can easily be considered perfect and valuable. Fashion houses and famous couturiers work on collections for king-size models. Creating wardrobe carefully helps even people with non-standard parameters to look stylish and fashionable. Secrets of looking slimmer in clothes. Secret 1: Focus on texture We recommend to choose dense, not tight-fitting fabrics with a vertical print or stripes. They will make the silhouette taller. Draped materials are great at hiding the weakest points of the figure. Secret 2: Play with colors Emphasize the advantages of the figure with clothes of light colors and distract the eye from the disadvantages...

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