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5 little things in the wardrobe of stylish women

How often do acquaintances compliment you on style?

5 little things in the wardrobe of stylish women


Good taste and a sense of style are far from innate qualities. Dressing beautifully in accordance with the situation is a skill that absolutely any woman can learn, regardless of age. And the lady who succeeded, will always be visible among the crowd of unconscious "fashionistas." You can recognize such a refined person by just 5 signs.

She is very picky about clothes

An elegant woman appreciates her style, and therefore does not pursue fleeting fashion and chooses only those clothes that harmoniously fit into her wardrobe. In her closet you are unlikely to find flip flops, a down jacket, tights with tattoos and a denim miniskirt. But she probably has a pleated midi skirt, a trouser suit, a semi-fitted sheath dress, perfect fit jeans and a linen-style top.

Wearing 1-2 status jewelry instead of an abundance of jewelry

A woman with an impeccable sense of taste is given jewelry, namely their quality and quantity. Stylish ladies do not weigh penny jewelry from head to toe, but carefully think over which part to choose, and prefer high-quality products. But this does not mean that such ladies wear exclusively jewelry. Jewelry also has a place to be, but only skillfully made and suitable in style.

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Able to combine colors so that I want to turn into a trace

A good color scheme is very important for a harmonious look. Therefore, women with a delicate taste and sense of style use in their sets not only the usual combination of shades, but also non-obvious mixes of tones. They are not afraid to wear red with pink, leopard spots and geometric patterns, as well as skillfully mix different floral prints in one set.

Pleated is an amazing way to give a luxurious look to fabrics and clothes

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Knows how to look expensive even in basic clothes

Stylish woman even in ordinary clothes looks elegant. And not only because it keeps the back straight and easy to step. Basic things are also selected wisely: they ideally sit on her figure and delicately hide flaws, and are also sewn from quality materials and are always in perfect condition. No stains, protruding threads, dangling buttons and open seams - all clothes look like new.

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Not afraid to experiment with trends

Modern fashion for a sophisticated woman is a storehouse of new and interesting things that can diversify her familiar sets. After all, she is not fixated on classical styles and is always looking for fresh solutions for her outfits. She can easily include jeans, slogans, joggers, a “wide-shouldered” jacket, a blouse with fluffy sleeves or sneakers in the color block style, but only on the condition that these things do not spoil her unique style.

Many ladies consider pants to be the most convenient element of the wardrobe and are ready to refuse feminine skirts and dresses in their favor