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Cancel Fashion Weeks: COVID-19 puts off fun

Just yesterday, European boutiques lined up for women's handbags, and today the streets are empty. How long universal quarantine will last is unclear. The fashion industry around the world is panicking no less than people checking the number of infected COVID-19 every day. The abolition of Fashion Weeks, the shutdown of production, the closure of stores - what is happening in the fashion sector now and what will it result in for us, customers?

Cancel Fashion Weeks: fun is delayed

Irony: Recently, Fashion Weeks have been criticized by people concerned about the state of nature. Too many resources were consumed these days and nights of total fashion. Not environmentally friendly!

Last year it became known that Stockholm Fashion Week and Oslo Runway ceased to exist in the previous format and began to think over more environmentally friendly concepts. Copenhagen Fashion Week has changed: no plastic during the preparation of the show and collection with the principles of sustainable development.

All this happened about six months before the appearance of a null coronavirus patient and the subsequent outbreak of the epidemic worldwide.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week (February 18-24), unfortunately, began before the panic: alarming news was already there, but it seemed somehow unrealistic. As a result, mods from around the world hang out, and then spread the infection to their homelands. Only in recent days, the organizers took up their heads and closed the entrance to the shows, spending them online.

The instinct of self-preservation and the banal foundations of morality led to the mass cancellation and transfer of Fashion Weeks around the world, because they are a favorable environment for the transmission of any viruses.

Fashion Week

After the Italian government urgently canceled the upcoming fashion events in the country. Everyone is already well aware of the further course of events outside the fashion industry.

Fortunately, other cities did not want to repeat the Milan experience and gradually abandoned the festivals. Fashion Weeks have been canceled in South Korea, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil. Some of them will be held online. Moscow followed the examples: the main fashion events - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and Fashion Week in Moscow will not see the light of day. What will happen to Belarus Fashion Week is not yet clear. Officially, it was postponed to May 13-17.

All this happens despite the fact that the participants of all the Weeks did a great deal of organizational, creative and marketing work in advance, spending resources on this. But life, of course, is more important.

Note that Fashion Weeks are not just parties. The companies with the most famous names dictate the directions in which the industry will develop in the next six months or a year. All clothing in which people walk on the street, to one degree or another, reflects the activities of these companies.


Source: Laura Nagapetyan. Photo:, vogue, forbes