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Dream dress for a narrow waist: slimming models

The right chosen dress can be the best tool for a woman to look feminine and charming. It may make you feel slimmer and lighter! It can even change your mood, not only your image!

Let's take a look at what models would visually change the shape and make it appear slimmer?

Straight cut dress

Sequin Mini Dress

Dress Lace Sleeves

Midi, with ruffles or laces, of any color, with decorative inserts and details in many variations! This kind of dress would hide the disadvantages of the hips or waist. And it’s a great choice for any occasion.

Dress with V-shaped neckline

    Ruffle V-neck Dress

    V-neck Striped Dress


    Maxi dress

      Bohemian Maxi Dress

      Red Maxi Dress

      Maxi dress. These models are usually made of light flowing fabrics. They make the whole look slimmer, almost weightless and very graceful. You can choose a dress with a belt or a side cut, open shoulders or back. Use your imagination in maximum mode!


        Long Sleeve Shirt

        One of the top trends this season is the shirtdress. The shirtdress is also very helpful when it comes to hiding your body imperfections. The key hides in the proportions. The vertical stripes is a splendid idea for any body type because they are lengthening the figure.
        The shirtdress is an amazing idea both for an everyday look and a special occasion.


          Kimono Midi Dress

          Sparkling silk and satin dresses with a wrap-over, belt and flared sleeves mask the imperfections of the figure, look flirty and stylish.

          Tiny black dress

          Crochet Lace Dress

          The iconic little black dress. Unquestionable flawless classic, a forever fashionable must-have in any wardrobe. Sheath and wrapped-over models are the best choices in case you need to improve the shape of your body.

          Sweater-dress or sports dress

          Elegant Knitted Sweater DressKnitted Sweater Dress

          Both models present a free silhouette. They neither are tight-fitting nor emphasize the waist or hips, which means such sweaters make the figure slimmer. Moreover, they help to create cheerful, rebellious and pretty expressive outfits.