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Looking slimmer in clothes

The Barbie doll figure is no longer the ideal as it has been before. Moreover, every built with bigger proportions and size can easily be considered perfect and valuable.

Fashion houses and famous couturiers work on collections for king-size models. Creating wardrobe carefully helps even people with non-standard parameters to look stylish and fashionable.

Secrets of looking slimmer in clothes.

Secret 1: Focus on texture

Plus Size 3D Appliques Mesh Dress

Vintage Embroidered Dress

We recommend to choose dense, not tight-fitting fabrics with a vertical print or stripes. They will make the silhouette taller. Draped materials are great at hiding the weakest points of the figure.

Secret 2: Play with colors

Loose Stripe Jumpsuit With Pocket

Casual Loose Dress

Emphasize the advantages of the figure with clothes of light colors and distract the eye from the disadvantages with darker ones.

Secret 3: Neckline shape does matter

Summer Dress Floral Print

Plus Size V Neck Pencil Dress

Pay attention to the ”V”-shaped neckline which visually makes the silhouette taller and the figure slimmer.

Secret 4: Compression underwear and tights

Lingerie and tights with compression effect are very good at correcting a figure with certain flaws. Choose matte tights which don’t shine. Compression lingerie and bodies become a true miracle, they can help to part with a few extra kilos and sizes in a moment.

Secret 5: Midi and maxi

Plus Size Printed Dress v1

Patchwork V Neck Petal Sleeve  Dress with Ruffles

Make the bottom of a skirt or a dress reach the narrow point of the leg and hide the widest part of it.

 Remember the more confident you are, the more gorgeous you look – be perfect no matter what size you are!