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More and more quality life encourages people to constantly strive for health and beauty. If your cosmetic bag is already bursting at the seams from the abundance of all sorts of creams, lipsticks, powder and other ladies' joys, and there is still nothing to do the simplest makeup, then it's time to revise its contents. We tell you what products you will definitely not do without when ordering at Beauty & Health.
If you want all the products to be used and needed in your cosmetic bag, and the makeup to become more diverse, I recommend changing the approach to buying cosmetics.

Women's jewelry

Stylish jewelry for trendy looks

Every real woman knows how important jewelry is in creating a stylish look. They are the ones who can make it "play", make it complete. Changing jewelry, you can look completely different in the same dress.

Jewelry is divided into jewelry and bijouterie. For the production of the former, precious materials are used, but the latter can look no less impressive, and if we are talking about the author's design, then the cost of jewelry can be no lower than that of jewelry.

Types of jewelry

The catalog contains the following types of jewelry related to costume jewelry:

large rings with large stones are in fashion this season. Rings for several fingers remain relevant; large necklaces are also in fashion. In addition to stones, metal pendants are often used, reminiscent of the jewelry of ancient people; metal, leather bracelets are in fashion, chains are relevant. The trend of the season is pair bracelets that can be worn on one or different hands. Fashionable earrings are very diverse. These are neat studs of various shapes, and massive dangling earrings that visually "stretch" the face and attract attention.
There are also chains, pendants, brooches and other types of jewelry, which can also be found in this section. When using jewelry to create an image, it is important to observe a sense of proportion - all jewelry should be combined with each other, and there should not be too many of them.