Hair Clips, Hair Bands & Hair Ties

Hair jewelry: hoops, elastic bands, hairpins - accessories that complement the look, help to create a beautiful hairstyle, gather hair so that it does not interfere with playing sports or doing everyday activities.

Hair ties

Proper hair ties should not contain metal attachments that cling to or pull out. It is better to choose the same fabric elastic bands, but without fasteners.

The thicker the Hair Bands, the weaker it is stretched, the less creases and trauma. If you need to create a high ponytail, go for wide, fabric Hair Bands that are soft and unadorned.

If you really need an adornment on the elastic bands, check: the fastening of the adornment should be covered with a cloth, there should be no sharp edges, rhinestones, metal parts to which the hair clings.
The advantage of such elastic bands is that they do not compress the hair with a ring, but, due to their shape, redistribute the load between the strands. Hair breaks down much less, especially if not tied tight. It is convenient to use an elastic band with oil masks (ordinary cloth is soiled) and in water (it does not get wet, you can fix your hair in the pool, for example).

Hair clips

It is better to use plastic crabs without decorations with smooth teeth. When choosing any Hair Clips, run your hand over the surface: there should be no chipping and seams.
The worst option would be metal Hair Clips - automatic machines (snap-on). They pull hair in one plane, there is a large load on the local area, besides, single hairs can fall into the lock itself. Hair Clips also lead to kinks and pull the hair in one plane, it is especially undesirable to pick up all the hair in a bun or tail, while the load is maximum.

Hair pins

Choose with rounded ends. Unlike invisibility, which spoils the hair cuticle, a hairpin is a danger to the scalp, especially if there are many of them.
If there is an ornament on the hairpin, hair should not cling to it, choose fabric, not metal and rhinestones.
How to choose elastic bands, hair clips
When buying, it is worth considering:
age - children's accessories are bright, shiny, with images of cats or cartoon characters. For adults - laconic and practical products;
material - plastic, strong, durable, textile does not damage hair, safe, made of natural materials;
design - unusual elastic bands and hairpins in the shape of a month, stars, with a complex pattern attract attention.
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