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How to show your patriotism through fashion

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People are always looking for ways to show their patriotism and pride in ther country. This has led many Americans, both young and old alike desire clothing with symbols of freedom on them- this includes anything from hats or T shirts that say "I'm proud." The increased demand is clear evidence about how much people love being able display what makes them feel free! Wearing symbol of freedom is seen as a way to unify people under one common belief: that being an American is something to be celebrated! There are many different liberty symbols that have been used throughout history, each with their own unique meaning. For example, the Bald Eagle has long been associated with America due to its status as our national bird. Similarly, the Stars and Stripes have come to symbolize the American flag and everything it stands for. These symbols of America represent the values of liberty and justice that our country was founded on. Wearing them is a way for people to show their support for these ideals.

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