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There are not many clothes for a woman. A new dress can make an evening out by providing an upbeat mood. A new blouse will help you get through your interview.

You should not pass by the sales departments in fashion stores.

You never know where there is “the very” thing that will create a successful ensemble with the existing ones, will advantageously complement the wardrobe, perhaps even become a favorite.

A unique stylish wardrobe takes into account the peculiarities of the figure of its owner, the color type, all the variety of circumstances in which one has to be, the current season.

The basic set of women's clothing includes a sheath dress, classic dark and light trousers, a pencil skirt, several blouses, a pair of sweaters or turtlenecks, a jumper, a jacket, two or three pairs of jeans and several T-shirts. You need to replenish your wardrobe as you get bored of things, but in no case wait for them to grow old. Clothes that have been stretched or faded must be mercilessly replaced with new ones.