Sport and Wellness

Before you start to engage in Sport and Wellness, choose comfortable clothing for yourself. You can wear the sportswear that you like, provided that you follow a few rules to improve your comfort: avoid cotton, too wide or too tight clothing, never wear street shoes. The main thing is to feel comfortable in a tracksuit, it should be comfortable and practical. From the top to the shoes, not forgetting the underwear - all clothing should be suitable for your sport.

Woman's sport Customs

A sports suit, consisting of a sweatshirt (sweatshirt) and trousers, can be useful for both training in the gym and for outdoor recreation. Products of famous brands (Adidas, Nike, Grand Style, Kontatto, Lonsdale, Love & Light and others) are modeled taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the female body and allow you to engage in any kind of sports, while maintaining attractiveness and freedom of movement. Breathable fabrics provide natural air exchange.

Suits for different sports and weather

Depending on the density and characteristics of the materials from which the suits are sewn, their purpose varies. Suits made of thin textiles with a loose sweatshirt and trousers are suitable for jogging, active sports in the gym (fitness, aerobics) or outdoors in warm weather. In the cold season, they should be replaced with sets of dense knitwear, which have an inner layer of pile or other insulation. In such clothes, you can go for a run without fear of catching a cold.

For training on simulators or for sports that require freedom of movement (yoga, stretching), suits made of elastic fabrics. Such clothes stretch well and return to their original state without deforming. For certain types of sports (volleyball, tennis), suits are produced that take into account the nature of the load and the specifics of classes. Choosing clothes is worth considering the intended use.